Pattern advice!?!

Okay so I'm actually looking for a bit of help here. It's my boys birthday mid July and I wanna spoil him with stuff, so I was thinking I could maybe knit him a hat/scarf/glove combo because I know he really wants me to make him something.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any good patterns that would work for all three? Or if anyone has done this before and has any advice on making matching knitwear?! For instance, I really want there to be something that obviously ties them together but maybe have them in different colours?! Something that allows them to be obviously a set?!? Nothing too complex, but still a wee bit special!? And that I'll be able to knit between now and mid july?!

On other knitting news...I cast off my first hat the other day! Yay! I used 4 DPNs and ended up surprisingly enjoying it. I tried using magic loop but that didn't go well...let's just say it's good they make those circular needles sturdy because I launched them off the wall on more than on occasion. I'm currently just knitting a scarf to go with it, but it's a knitting emergency because I need to have it done by Saturday and I'm super busy! Finger's crossed!

My jumper has been put on the back-burner right now, simply because it's something I'm not really knitting FOR anyone. Other stuff as come up!

Other stuff always comes up! *rolls eyes*


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Michael del Vecchio's book, "Knitting With Balls" has a pattern for a Fisherman's Scarf and Hat on P.38
There's also a pattern for fingerless mitts on P.74

Use the same yarn or color combos on all 3 to make them look like a set.

Tara Jon Manning's "Men in Knits" has a couple of scarf patterns and one for gloves.
I'd also look on for some patterns that could be made into a set by using the same yarns.

One other idea for the scarf is to use a double strand so the scarf knits up quicker and use a single strand for the hat and gloves. That will save you some time.

Good luck!

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mrossnyc is correct. "Knitting with Balls" was the first knitting book I bought for myself when I became a knitter. It has many great patterns, including the above mentioned scarf and hat.

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The nice thing about knitting patterns is that you get to choose the color and yarn you do it in. I always feel like an automaton if I knit a pattern to the exact specifications given. Anyway, my point is, find a hat, scarf, and glove pattern you like, not necessarily matching, but perhaps with similar stitch patterns (or make your own), and make them match in color. Something fun to do so that they aren't all exactly the same color is to maybe put trim on the hat, and then make the gloves the color of that trim, and put trim on the gloves that is the same color as the rest of the hat. Then maybe stripe the scarf between the two colors or something?


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Co-ordinated rather then matching....much more sophisticated look.

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Fraternal rather than identical twins (or triplets) are always more interesting.