Palindrome scarf: Getting longer

The scarf is getting longer and longer, and I'm liking it better and better, though it's no longer scarf weather. My wife says it's a bit narrow, and it might be, but I'm making it long enough to compensate for that, I think.

I'm actually glad I'm using dpns instead of a cable needle because I don't have to worry about the gauge changing at the cables, and the dpn works just fine for holding the stitches.

I like this pattern better and better too, because it's reversible. The cables look the same front and back so there's no wrong side.

Want to make it a bit longer yet so I can wrap it around twice and still have plenty hanging down. I'm having fun now...

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Tom Hart's picture

Lookin' real good, Michael. The oldest soup kitchen in San Francisco has put out a call for 2,500 scarves for Christmas. I've been looking around for a scarf pattern that I could get interested in and I think I've just found it. Thanks!

michaelpthompson's picture

It should be great for that Tom. It's fairly simple and knits up pretty fast, but it's got a nice interesting pattern with some character, not just a plain garter stitch or something.

I think I've posted it before, but here's the link to the pattern if anybody's interested.

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