Knitted Breasts - BBC News "Odd Box"

These aren't men knitting, but it's still pretty fun. Check out this video from the BBC. It's a top ten list and the "knitted breasts" story is #1 so the piece is close to the end... minute mark 3:25 should get you there. There's also a story about wool sack races at minute mark 0:45.


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Our local knitting hangout had a breast knitting group for a while. We made them for mastectomy patients so they could leave the hospital with a set of "prosthetics" Have to say, the nip was a bit of a B****, but it was fun, and started some great conversations off.

when my wife was breast feeding we saw a lactation specialist (we affectionately call them boob nazi's). she actually had a breast model very similar to these knitted breasts. I want to start making these just so I have a good response for "wow! what are you making?" ;) hehehe