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So for my mom's birthday (which was in April) and then for Mothers Day (which was in May), I've finally finished the Primrose Path sweater. I knitted it with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk on size 6s. One road bump that I had to overcome was having to knit a third sleeve after realizing that the body and first sleeve were from one dye lot and the second sleeve was from a different dye lot. The difference between the two was pretty obvious. Yikes. Luckily my LYS (Fancy Tiger) had more of the first dye lot. Mom's in Florida so it'll be a while before she'll be able to wear it.

I had two skeins of Mirasol Hacho yarn around that I'd bought a couple years ago. I decided to try some afterthought heel socks at the urging of OperaGeek and they were really simple and fun to make. Two skeins were clearly not enough so I ended up buying two more skeins and now have some left over and will possibly try a cap or something with it.

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Tom Hart's picture

Beautiful! Masterfully done. Really like the colorway on the socks.

Lucky mom. The sweater is gorgeous.

Bradferd's picture

That looks great Frank! I am glad you have it done. I hope you bring it to the group today so we can touch and feel.

OperaGeek's picture

Beautiful work, Frank. I'm glad I got to see these in person and touch them too!

ronhuber's picture

Very beautiful sweater. And lovely socks. The afterthought heels are much easier to redo if you are hard on your heels. Do you find them as comfortable as a regular turned heel?

2manyhobbies's picture

They're both beautiful... and i love the sweater

TheKnittingMill's picture

Great job on the sweater and socks! Your Mom is going to be so excited!

RickMartin's picture

I love the sweater - almost makes me want to try. Nah....changed my mind already. Three sleeves - and they all have to fit the same person's arm - I'd never master it.

Have fun on the trip to Estes Park!



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How weird is that? I just saw that sweater pattern for the first time today as I was looking through projects done in a particular yarn. Lovely job!

There's something about seeing socks modeled by a man that I love. Those look so comfy.

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Beautiful work. Beautiful colors. Inspirational. Makes me want to finish something.

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Really nice work, Frank. Kudos on being brave enough to totally knit another sleeve for that sweater. The socks rock and a matching cap would be awesome. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.