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felted clogs

I felted my clogs last Sunday and finally got around to taking some pictures, well getting the pictures off of my digital camera that is. The sneaker shows the size difference of before and after felting.

The felting process was a breeze!  Each slipper in a zippered pillowcase, threw in a couple of bath towels, a total of 16 minutes and they felted perfectly.  I used Paton's Classic Wool and was very pleased with the results. They are very comfy and will be great to wear this winter during the Western New York cold weather.

I did enjoy the reactions of everyone who saw me knit them and thought I was insane, making those enormous slippers.  I'll probably make more, maybe for Mom and Dad for Christmas as they both really liked how they came out.  I'm also thinking of trying another felted project.  I've seen a couple of patterns for felted messenger bags.  but I have other things in the works before I start something new

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Those are excellent, YarnGuy!!  You did a wonderful job of them.  Really great!

I'm amazed at how many people are so afraid of felting anything.  I guess it helps to do a few things on purpose, before you know too much!  But after doing your first project, most people are hooked, and have no fear after that.  It's kind of fun too... to purposely "ruin" your knitting!! LOL

While there is a certain degree of control you can have on the felting process, most of it is a happy accident.  You never really know how a yarn will react, or how much it will felt, or how long it will take.  There is the excitement of the unknown every time you do it! 

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Absolutely beautiful!!!  Yes, New York winters are brutal at times, especially in western NY where snow is often forecast by the foot rather than inches!


Great job!!!

Yarn guy -- your clogs look great but your stitches look so perfect in the before picture that it is almost sad to see them felt away. Great workmanship all around.



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Vince they are beautiful!  Good work!

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