Suggestions for Amsterdam ?

Any suggestions for must-visit yarn shops in Amsterdam? My partner and I will be spending a few days there on our way to Italy, beginning at the end of this week. Thanks for any ideas. - Phil

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I was in Amsterdam in March and did some searching around. After several failed attempts - finding fabric stores etc. with the most incredibly limited amounts of knitting supplies - I found the one good yarn shop in Amsterdam. It's called de Afstap. Fairly small but quality yarns and tools. The address is 12 Oude Leliestraat and its between Dam Square and the bay. There are several streets called Leliestraat and the is the "old" (Oude) one, more toward the center of the canal loops. tel:020-62 31 445.

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I was just there the first of May on my way to Provence. We spent 5 days in Amsterdam and Knut is right, that is the only place that I was able to find too. Enjoy your trip, I hope you have better weather than I did.

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In Italy, if you go to Rome, this is a possibility. Not sure if it was one that I went to or not --- I found it on Athena.
Taglia e Cuci: Via Giacomo Puccini, Rome Other 00000 (6)4745173

There is also one called Lana Vecchia that I know I've been to. It is somewhere in the vicinity of Campo dei Fiori.

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Thanks for all of this good info guys. My stash is very healthy but there can't be any harm in a little peek ....can there?