Jogless Join

I just found the best description of doing the jogless join (with very clear pictures and everything):

BTW - this fellow Seattlelite's blog is wonderful (both hilarious and helpful!)


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Thank you! I've saved her instructions...very clear... and also copied the graph on her site... Bill

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The jogless join is a wonderful technique to have.  Very useful when making multi-coloured socks.  It was invented by Meg Swansen.  Too bad the blogger didn't give credit where credit was due. 

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I'm working on a striped hat on circulars - one round white, one round red. I tried the jogless join technique on the first few rows - this doesn't seem to work - looks like it's just inverting the colors. Maybe this looks better once cast off/blocked?

Or is this a technique better used when doing more than a single row of the new color?

Hey, I'm new to stripes. :-)


I'll stop after this row. Honest.