Lace Casting Off

Hi guys. I am finishing up a lace shawl and am wondering what is the best, 'stretchy' cast off method. I want to be able to block it fairly hard, so need something that looks good and is flexible/stretchy enough to accommodate that. When I look through my books, there are several contradictary suggestions and disagreements about which is the best one to use. I am leaning toward the one in which you knit 2 stitches, place them back on left needle and then knit them together. Then knit another stitch, transfer the two to left needle, knit together, repeat. What is your experience with that? Or is there something preferrable to that? I just know I will hear 10 differing opinions, but thats what makes horse races. lol


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My personal preference is a loosely crocheted bind off: Slip stitch, chain stitch across. If you are familiar with crochet that is.
Elsewise, you can do the same thing by using the bind off that Mmario describes in his Queen Anne's Lace pattern which is free on ravelry.


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Alan I tend to use the one you describe.

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I like Mmario's method - basically it's the same as a regular knit bind off but you put it back on the left needle and knit it a couple of extra times. I hope that makes sense.



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How about a yarn over bind off like on a toe up sock - I've had lots of trouble trying to find a nice quick easy knitted bind off for toe up socks. I tried EZ's sewn bind off - but it was too fiddly and slow and not really that stretchy. In the YO bind off you knit 2 stitches and pass one over the other to bind one off, then yarn over and pass single stitch over and then repeat the process. Essentially one yarn over bind off stitch for every alternate stitch. That makes a stretch edge that should look good with lace. There is a video tutorial - number 4 - on the very pink socvk page :
Let us know what you decide on and how it works out.

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I have found the cast off is usually dictated by pattern and yarn weight but I like the knit 2 tog pass back to left needle as you first described

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What shape? is the edge supposed to go into points or straight?

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It is a straight edge, Leo. Someone suggested that the technique I described works well, but do it all as a purl, rather than a knit. Has anyone tried that? Don't exactly understand how that would be different since, in my mind, it would be knit on the other side, right? Wrong? Oh my poor head. :-)


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Depends on the look you want.

yes, w ith a straight edge I would say you would be fine with the technique you describe, either k2tog or p2tog.

With circular shawls, especially yif they will block to points there are tricks to get even more ease.

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If you still are looking for a stretchy bind off, go to and look at this video of "super stretchy bind off" I used for the first time on a sweater and love the way it came out. I hope this works for you.