&*%$^*# Pattern Books!

School is out and summer still has not arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. People have been calling this month Junuary. It was a sweltering 59 degrees yesterday. Of course, this makes for perfect knitting weather.
Well, my brain said, "Hey, Hunnicutt, take that $50 gift card to Powell's and by yourself a bunch of really cool knitting books." For once, I agreed with my brain and off I went.
For those not familiar with Powell's here in Portland, it is a gigantic book store that takes up an entire city block with multiple levels. They give you a map so that you can navigate through the store.
So, there I was happily clutching my gift card and ready to purchase even more knitting books. Out of the entire knitting selection, there was not one book that I walked out with. I left, my gift card unspent.
My latest beef with pattern books is that everything is done in pieces. ACK! It drives me nuts! I really enjoy knitting in the round. To me, it just makes since. I also love watching the sweater grow, morphing into a wearable garment; not some misshapen piece that will be sewn later.
So, now that pattern books are on the outs, it looks like I'm going to have to take on making my own patterns. Time to whip out EZ's books and start studying.
Okay, enough rant, I'm off to the gym. Maybe there will be some nice butt to watch and I'll forget about these pattern issues.


HEY! Don't be hating on Junuary. I live in Fresno County and my AC hasn't kicked on in almost a week!!! It should be well over 100 right now. ;)

HEY! Don't be hating on Junuary. I live in Fresno County and my AC hasn't kicked on in almost a week!!! It should be well over 100 right now. ;)

HEY! Don't be hating on Junuary. I live in Fresno County and my AC hasn't kicked on in almost a week!!! It should be well over 100 right now. ;)

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Sorry to hear about the weather, Buck. Ours has been totally whacked also. Love Powell's...envious you can just go browse when you want. I, too, hate the trend to Piece Work for sweaters and such...Haven't any of these designers [for the most part] heard about knitting in the round? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm 100% with you on the patterns in pieces. I just want to ask - what's the point? Good luck with the EZ patterns and about getting some spring/summer weather!!


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Wanna trade? It reached 100 F here today without the heat index and the humidity was 95%!!! I think Suki has the right idea...

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I am trying not to LMAO as I'm using a public computer. Suki and her bikini is a true classic! Thanks for the great pick-me-up, Mill. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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In the old days, before I learned to do seams, I would avoid all patterns not knit in the round. But when I found the right pattern, I converted it into round knitting from flat. Most times, it's easy enough to do, even lace knitting is easy.

Of course, the design I chose HAD to have lace work on both sides... but I converted all those complicated moves to be done in reverse, and my knitting came out amazingly great! But for some reason, over the years, it has shrunk in our dry climate (so they tell me) and it is a bit snug now. And I can't let out any seams!!

Yes, time to look into EZ once more. She had a solution to every kntting problem. She also didn't care for seams either.

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I for one,...rather work with seams ! So many stitches on 1 needle is not that great. My feeble little mind gets bored. But, a well finished seam...is a beauty to behold. I can do both, with and without seams, but my work has a lot of panel manipulation. Not always solved by short rows and I want a very exacting fit. Particularly the shoulders and underarms...seams give me those options. I am not a fan of ragland sweaters, unless they are seamed. I have very square shoulders and raglands , on me, have a very "pulled " look .
Yes ,I know how to "short row" a solution...I just prefer seams.....

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i have to admit, finishing is my least favorite part of the process. however, i have more control of shaping and fit with seams

wherever you go, there you are

we put birds on things

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I guess there are some things, like intarsia, that you just can't do in the round. My stockinette stitch often looks better in the round, though, because unless I'm careful I don't knit and purl with the same tension. Most stitch patterns are written assuming you're doing flat-knitting too, so there can be work trying to translate that. There might also be some stitch patterns, like maybe Tunisian knitting, that couldn't be done in the round?

I do enjoy knitting in the round, though, more than flat knitting. There's something very satisfying about being able to knit a project in one-piece, as near as possible to a continuous surface. But knitting in the round and then cutting steeks? I've never done that ... I think I object on principle.

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AHHHHH, Fellow Portlander. I feel your pain on the Junuary Front. I am longing for the days of 100 degrees at 7pm and having to fall asleep naked on the bed with little more than a pillow to keep me company. The cool night breeze creeping its way in the open windows over the course of the night and then trapping it all in so the house stays cool (or somewhat cool) during the days. Sweating so much you have to hang out in the basement to get a breath of cool air. I CAN'T WAIT!

I also feel your pain on the knitting flat. I am not good at converting patterns so that I can knit them in the round so when I see something I just have to knit and it's flat it has to be something very interesting to knit that will hold my interest as I go along. For example, I just have to knit the Impasto Shawlette in the Summer 2010 Interweave Knits magazine but the color changes and lace pattern is holding me, plus since it is a shawl - no seams. YAY. I still knit on circulars. Somehow that helps me trick my brain into thinking its in the round.

Have fun and Knit Night at the Naked Sheep in on Thursday from 6-9pm stop buy and knit with us, bring a friend. It gets kinda roudy, and sometimes the guys out number the girls.


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Man, I wish it was 59 degrees in Germany....but here it gets up to 83 during the day and Europeans dont use air conditioning...nobody has it unless you go somewhere like a big department store or grocery store. But other than that you're screwed :-/. I've never knitted a sweater in the round...then again, I have only done one sweater so far so I dont have much room to talk (I ran out of money and have to wait until I get back to Texas, so I can get a darn job!...2 weeks!). I'm sure you can convert the flat knit sweater into a "knit in the round" sweater pretty easily...other than that, I think its way cooler to design your own pattern!