UPDATE - BSG was awesome.

UPDATE - BSG was awesome. Very similar to OFFF in Canby. I was able to meet up with some people I have gotten to know at these big fiber festivals and catch up with what they are up to. I also got to go and hang out with the Pygora Goats (the kids I call them - haha). They are just the coolest goats in the world when it comes to personality and I LOVE spinning their fiber. Unfortunately, I can't afford too much of their fiber as it runs about $12 per ounce. So I am contemplating adding a couple of lady goats to my NoPo Ranch (consisting of chickens, a cat and a dog). I am having a little trouble committing to the concept of having three goats, so I am just taking my time and not rushing into it. I plan on going to Albany, OR very soon for a visit with the lady who runs Peppermint Pastures. She has close to 100 pygoras if not more and I have talked to her at several fiber festivals and I want to see what she has to deal with on a daily basis with these adorable critters.

Also, I ran into Sharon aka Stich Jones. I love love love this woman's dye lots. They are just amazing. My partner knit some socks with the Gene Simmons colorway for a friend and they were just gorgeous. www.stichjones.com She is an awesome human being and a great artist. Support her if you can.

Velma, Oh how I adore Velma and her beautiful and very artistic yarn. I want this person to be my best friend and show me all her tricks over the course of several all girl slumber parties. I met Velma for the first time at OFFF and she was carrying a hank she had spun and it was called "Cat Barf" I think... It struck me and I had to stop her and ask her all about it. I knew within 5 seconds I had met a beautiful and sparkling human. She has an Etsy store just search Colorbomb and here is all her contacts. Flip thru her flickr site. I love color and Velma gets it, her pic is attached.
Blog -------------> http://velmasworld.blogspot.com
Flickr ------------> http://www.flickr.com/groups/colorbombers
Twitter ----------> http://twitter.com/velmalikevelvet
Ravelry ---------> http://ravelry.com/groups/colorbombers
YouTube -------> http://www.youtube.com/user/COLORBOMBcreations

Toots Le Blanc & Co at www.tootsleblanc.com is some of the most beautifu natual color yarn I have ever seen. She pays fair market value for the fibers (awesome) so it is a little spendy, but I have seen some beautiful things made from their yarn. The quality is definitely there for those of you into High End products. I dream to someday make a sweater vest or a cardigan from the cloud white Blue-Face Leicester/Pygora blend. Ahhhhhh!

One of the coolest things I saw and did was the booth set up to promote Suri Alpaca Roving. If you don't know what that is you should google them. They are like the rastafarians of the fiber world. Super sweet and mellow but with great locks and the fiber is so incredibly soft. Well, I digress. There was a booth set up to promote Suri and the way they were promoting it was to let you spin some for yourself. Great technique. I bought about 3 ounces to try at home and the roving runs about $4 per ounce (1/3 the cost of pygora). They showed me a hank that had been spun the previous day and it was sooooooooo soft. I visualized a big fluffy sweater in a cabin next to a fireplace up in the mountains with a nice cup of tea, my cute boyfriend and my sweet dog all just relaxing. (i know my imagination does wander.) Now the other really cool part of this booth were the wheels that we got to spin on. www.spinolution.com. If you are in the market for a wheel, then you have to add these to your list of wheels to research. The treadles rock back and forth instead of up and down and that made them so comfortable to use. I am not the best spinner in the world but I felt like I had more control on this wheel then I have on any other wheel. I currently am using a wheel that a friend loaned to me indefinitely. It is a Louet S51DT and I love it, but if I had $700 and I was out shopping for my own wheel, this would be the one for me.

There was loads of beautiful yarns and most of which I could get at my LYS. It is the hand made artifacts that you find at these events that really tickles my wallet. I didn't buy much at this event, except the 2 ounces of Pygora and a pattern book for my partner called JANE ELLISON QUEENSLAND COLLECTION BOOK 9. Check it out. It is a beautiful book and some very handsome knits.

Thus ends the trip to BSG. I would probably go again, because by this time of year I am jonesing for fiber input, but I liked OFFF the best. It just seemed bigger and isn't bigger better?

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BSG is just the best time. Sorry I didn't run into you there, as I am a pygoraholic, and certainly don't mind spinning cashmere, cashgora and mohair, as well (hence my ravelry name "GoatBoy").

I wish that my backyard was big enough for a couple of pygoras...they are the cutest, though little Shetland or Southdown Baby Doll sheep come in a close second.

Will you be going to the MFKR at Dumas Bay Centre in September? We can knit, spin and share goat-chat together, if you are.

ETA - I am in Portland, if you want to get together for coffee, knitting or spinning sometime. Just send me a PM.


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I love the queensland collection book. So many things to make and so little time.

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I love the queensland collection book. So many things to make and so little time.

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Sounds like you found some great stuff.
Now for questions that'll help me decide whether to go next year, since I don't acutally know anybody who goes:
1) How crowded does it get? Is it like a walk in the park with a few people around, or more like getting on a Tokyo subway at rush hour?
2) Are there benches, or places where you can sit down?
3) Is the ground it's held on even like pavement, or rough and uneven like a field?

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I would say that it was a busy place but when I was there it wasn't over crowded. It was a good sized crowd and there was plenty of room for them.

My feet did get tired after hours of walking around and I was able to find places to sit, whether it was to try a spinning wheel or talk to a vendor.

It is all indoors on concrete floors.

Have Fun.


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Jane Ellison's Queensland Book has some great patterns in it. You should also check out her Noro: Men booklet. Loads of good stuff in there too. Glad to hear you had a great time!

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I have seen and flipped thru the Noro book many times and a friend just bought it. It is a beautiful book and I love MOST of the patterns too.

Have fun.