The (ahem) table cloth

Alright. The book when up for sell online on Wednesday night. Thursday I spent the day clutching some worry beads, pacing a hole in the carpet, and drinking beer like it was water. I was a nervous wreck. So, I went for a whiskey and ran into a friend who congratulated me on the book, noticed my nervousness and asked, “Are you nervous about the book being a success?”
“Hell no,” I responded, “I’m worried about the damned lawsuits.”
“Only if they can afford a lawyer to come after you. You’ll be fine.”
I put a link on my profile for the book, so let me know if you like…if you hate…if you drink beer….if you mind boiled peanuts….etc.
Now I sit and remember what knitting did for me in the times of stress. It was an escape, absolutely, but an escape that I abused. Knitting was a lot like alcoholism. Instead of keeping it in check and working things out in real time, I kept close to those needles, working up the yarn at all hours of the day, escaping further and further from reality. I haven’t really knit in a while. Who knows why? Maybe a fear of slipping back into that obsession? Bah, that probably won’t ever happen again. I learned much from those days. But, I am working on a project, a tablecloth. The pattern was found in an old book of crochet favorites form the 30’s and 40’s. The motif is simple, not too feminine, and kinda reminds me of something Norwegian (I don’t know why). I started this tablecloth a year ago, put it away and went on about my madness. I picked it up just this morning and remembered why I liked this piece so much.

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Good luck on the book. I love the tablecloth. I have several books of tablecloths and bedspreads from the 30's & 40's. I really like the style of them. You're doing a nice job.

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Hey, thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

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That is a very lovely piece. Inspiring, at the very least...

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Lawsuits? What fer?