$6,000 and the Moulin Rouge!

$6,000 US Dollars...that is how much money I have spent since August 1, 2009 when I arrived in Germany. Considering this fellowship program was supposed to pay for "everything" I had hoped I would come out of this year with at least a couple hundred bucks to spare..but alas, im going home destitute. I cannot believe this year went by so fast! I am headed home back to Texas on July 14th and cannot wait to see my kitty and my doggy and of course all my friends again! However, before I go home, there is one thing left to do, one thing that I have ALWAYS wanted to do and that is to attend an evening of entertainment and glamour at the REAL Moulin Rouge in Paris. My reservation is booked, paid for, done. Yes Yes I know it is nothing like the movie. But the movie is what made me want to go so bad, I have always said "before I die, at least once I want to go see the show at the REAL Moulin Rouge in Paris." So now I am finally getting my long awaited wish (long awaited as in 9 years). I had always tried to come to Europe for vacation before doing this exchange program, but it always fell through due to money issues or obligations (college). Well, nothing is stopping me this time, I will spend 2 nights in Paris and then 2 nights in Avignon in the south of France, once I return to Hannover (aka Hangover..because all the people who live here are in a perpetually pissy mood) I am packing all my stuff, throwing a bunch of crap out and praying that I meet the luggage weight requirements (thankfully all the things Ive knitted over here are nice and squishy :-)) before heading to Frankfurt and making that long migration back across the Atlantic. Europe has been a wonderful experience, despite the many setbacks I experienced throughout the year, it is something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life. Well then, onward and forward and ONTO PARIS! See you all on the other side!! (by other side I mean HOME) :-D


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Enjoy the Moulin Rouge and Avignon. Have a safe journey bacross 'the pond" and keep us posted on your knitting projects.