Queer's Eye for the Knit Fly

I finished my pair of boxers for the MWK boxers KAL, at last! You can view them at the following link; I apologize, but I was having issues with uploading photos on here:


I modified these a good bit to fit like boxer briefs...if I do them again, I will start the mods with the number of cast on stitches, decreasing the width. This time, however, I started the modifications with the length of that same panel, trimming numbers here and there and everywhere. By the time I got around to the fly, I just wanted these shorts done, so I kinda made that part up. Hence, the faux-fly. The waistband feels great, and the shorts are surprisingly comfy...even the blue yarn, which didn't feel very luxurious as I knit, feels fine. You can see I added my own striping, which is my favorite feature of the way these shorts are constructed.

I felt only kinda proud of these until yesterday. Then through a progressive photo shoot, QueerJoe literally saved my, um, rear. Now I'm ready to show the world! The whole experience was a bit enlightening...I've never posed in a pair of jockeys for someone else to photograph, but if he can make me look that good, I'm knitting a second pair! ;-) It really took a bit of skill to make the seat of these shorts look flattering. (Note how there are no head-on shots.) Thanks a million, Joe!

I would like to address a somewhat silly concern that seems to arise more than ought among experienced knitters in the following manner:

What's that? Do they itch, you ask?
Why, yes, they do...would you mind...?


Aaronknits's picture

These are fantastic! And you do look absolutely stunning in them.

I could never do any better with pictures that what you and Joe have already created here. So if we somehow forget to do another photo shoot next month when you come up, that's okay. :)

I'm not quite finished with mine anyway and they won't look anywhere near as good on me as you look in yours!

Seriously though, excellent job!!!

WillyG's picture

Thanks, but we still have to do the shoot. You know, something to rival the piling in the hammock and all that ;) Maybe a game of boxers Twister?

Aaronknits's picture

OOoh, Twister!!!

WillyG's picture

Maybe we should come up with a MWK boxers KAL calendar!

purlyman's picture

They do look so great! When you said you wanted boxer briefs you meant you wanted boxer briefs!!! Once I'm done with mine I may perhaps need to take a trip to see Joe. Joe will become our Wizard of Oz!! Dozens of men with knitted boxers skipping down the road singing "We're off to see the wizard..."


WillyG's picture

Happy thought, that!

PaulJMC's picture

They look great - I really like how you amendedthe pattern. One of the reasons I haven't been able start mine yet. I kept thinking that they were just too baggy!

Yours fit perfectly!


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

WillyG's picture

Thanks! Having worn them a solid day, I have to say, they do fit pretty well. If you haven't started yet, I would suggest that you cast on fewer stitches for the back panel and adjust accordingly. Being the first piece from which all else grows, it's hard to stomach ripping back if you don't like how it turns out. That's just me. I'm cooking up some ideas on how to make another pair, possibly avoiding the back panel altogether.

DeceptiveCookie's picture

Wow! They look fantastic! I'm glad to see more of them finished. I really like how they're fitted.

WillyG's picture

I think if I remember correctly, you were one of the first to complete your shorts! Maybe the rest of the stragglers will see it's not over yet and get their rears in...a pair of boxers!

QueerJoe's picture

He makes it sound as if I didn't have anything to work with...the photography part was easy...it was the "trying not to be the creepy guy groping" that was the difficult part.

The afternoon was totally delightful.

Bill's picture

(grin)..I've heard stories about how friendly you are!!!

QueerJoe's picture

Can you imagine how difficult it was for me to NOT grope the person that told you this for an entire knitting retreat? But yes, I am kinda friendly I guess...sounds better than creepy.

Kerry's picture

Making them as boxer briefs makes them look really great. Well done, and Joe too for the photos.

2manyhobbies's picture

They look great, Will, and even better on you :)

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice knitting, Willy. It almost - almost - makes me wish I'd tried this one. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

TheKnittingMill's picture

Willy these came out fantastic! They look great on you and very comfy. Kudos to you, Joe, for the photography. I'm so behind on mine--pardon the pun. I still have the second half left. The stockinette is EPIC. I feel like I'm in the midst of a bad Mel Gibson movie with no way out. Hopefully I'll finish mine in the next week or so.

QueerJoe's picture

Thanks Mill...but I have to ask...isn't "bad Mel Gibson movie" redundant?

WillyG's picture

Haha, I found that funny enough to read to the nearest coworker! Yeah, the stockinette portion is a beast.