Trying to make my own pattern...bad idea!!!

Okay so I took people's advice on my last entry and bought Knitting With Balls so that I could use the pattern for hats/scarf/gloves because I'm knitting a present for my boy's birthday. So I have a couple of things to query....

1. The wallet at the start requires Berocco Suede yarn which I can't seem to get here in Scotland. I tried it with a different type of yarn but it ended up WAYYYY to fat. SO I was wondering if anyone knows of a website where I can get a single ball of yarn shipped to the UK? OR if someone can get it at their local store, would they be willing to send it on over to me (P&P included in the price of course)?!?!

2. I really like the colours/pattern-idea of the chu'llu scarf, however I'm not a fan of the hat. Plus, he isn't really a hat-wearing kinda guy, so I do like the thought of making something similar to the cabled mitts...but I'd want to do it with the diamond brocade pattern and a stripe of the black and white pattern.

3. I'm actually not a HUGE fan of his black and white Chu'llu pattern I made up one myself. See attachment. Which naturally changes things slightly because it's not exactly the same stitch count.

4. American wools and weights confuse the hell outta me. A lot of the wools he use in that book aren't available over here so I have to try and find some other different kind of wool, and past experience tells me that I'm not particularly good at doing so.

So given the above three inexperienced little mind is completely boggled. I'm okay with knitting the scarf and knitting my own pattern, but I want it to match the mitts and I have NO IDEA how to go about making my own pattern for them. I'm also worried that I wont be able to get wool that'll work etc. Also, I dunno if the Diamond Brocade would even work on mitts because it would have to attach at both sides? Is it even possible to do that?!

I'm stressed guys! Please help! :-(

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The quick and dirty guide to subbing yarns:

A) go on the internet and find the original yarn; get as much data on it as you can (fiber content, meters/gm; wraps per inch, etc) the first two are the most useful when subbing.

b) then you try to match it as closely as possible. Usualy if you match both fiber and meters per gm you will be close to the original yarn.

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Great advice!

I use a lot. It's a great resource, especially when you're subbing out yarns.

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Cookie, you are one step ahead of me. I use all the time as I live in yarn hell and have a hard time finding exact matches of yarn for patterns. Give yarndex a try.

Try this site:

All their yarns come with the information (including needle size) you need to make a substitution. The other advantage of this site is that they are always having close-outs and sales, so even paying shipping to Spain makes it cheaper than buying the original yarn and having it shipped from England.