Knitting Fest

Well, I got a ton of knitting done while sitting at the hospital keeping mom company. However, I realized, several inches later that I had put one of the gussets in the wrong spot. So, I ripped it out and now I'm back to where I was before I got to Houston. I'm heading home now. There's not much I'll miss about Houston except my mom and the beefy Texas boys. Yum!


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i feel your pain. i've started and frogged sweater three times now trying to get right gauge. swatch just lied to me. it's a lace so it stretches so much the longer it gets and totally distorts my gauge. from now on i'm just knitting ahead and then i'll find someone it fits when i'm done :)

i picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue

we put birds on things

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Steve That's the reason some people make a "well hung" gauge swatch. Anyway, it's always better to be hung well than not hung at all. Makes me think of Buck's beefy TX boys but that's a totally different hung...someone was going to go there why not me. If ya want info on a "well hung" gauge swatch ask otherwise I wont bore anyone with it.

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(sigh)....Beefy Texans. Mercy. Wouldn't mind one myself, man.