i'd like to learn how to make a sock.  i don't know how yet and have been looking over patterns and everything seems to be tailored for men with dinky little feets.  definitely am feeling a little left out since i've got honking huge big feet.  anyone have any suggestions??  i almost started Jacquiline Fee's spiral socks then my friend M. took one look at the picture of 'em and said "OOOOOHH!!! how clever!!!! a dildo-cozy!!!" 




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Most of the sock patterns I've seen are sized for women's medium - and they rarely give alternate sizes. There are some out there for larger socks.

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I sent off for this pattern and highly suggest it for first time knitters of socks.

If you want to buy a pattern, I suggest Katherine Fosters "Easy Toe-UP Socks" ( Another thing I've discovered is that most vintage sock patterns/magazines (like an ancient one I found from Monarch Knits) are all sized for MEN.

Best of luck!



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I'm finishing up a sock class where the pattern is generic and all geared to your actual measurements, the yarn, and needle size you choose rather than you having to conform to someone else's idea of size, etc..  Stephanie Purl-McPhee, in her book, Knitting Rules, has a similar type pattern for generic socks.

Good luck!  They really are fun to knit up.  In tonight's class, we're learning to shape the toe and graft to finish it off. 

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I recently got the book, "Sensational Knitted Socks."  It's wonderful!  It gives charts for patterns according to the gauge of your yarn and the exact measurements of your foot.  Another excellent part of the book is the "class sock."  It takes you through all the parts of the sock (heel flap, heel turn, toe decrease . . . everything) on size 8 needles with worsted yarn and only about 36 or so stitches.  It's a great way to practice all the parts of the sock in just a few stitches so you can get the feel for each part very quickly.  I'm a sock convert!!!  And it's mostly thanks to the straight-forward directions of this book.

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OH, I can't stay quiet on this topic!  You all should know by now that I am thrilled with knitting socks, and think everyone should knit them as well.  Absolutely the most fun you can have with a small amount of yarn.

There are tons of patterns for free on the net for all kinds of socks!  Just search for them.  Or go to your local library, or the guild library, and get one of the many books out there.  Some are better than others.

Here are a couple of places to get started.  And if you want, I could lead you through the whole process, but there really isn't much to it.  You know how to knit, how to purl (and that isn't even necessary), how to decrease?  What more is there to know?  You can knit a sock!!


Excellent lesson on socks to any size:

designing your own pattern:

thorough class on toe-up socks:

all the socks you will ever want to knit:

and you can google for free patterns for socks everywhere – toe-up or cuff-down.

There is really nothing hard about knitting socks; don't let your mind stop you! 

Folk Socks, by Nancy Bush has a great deal of information in it about the proportions of sock knitting, as well as good basic patterns, some for large feet.  The great thing about the book, though, is that it has lots of information on the basic propotion of sock knitting, so you can adapt any pattern to fit your foot.  I've knitted LOTS of socks, but still refer back to my copy time and time's in tatters.

Hi Brian.  You shouldn't have a problem knitting any adult sock pattern - men's or women's - and adapting the length to your foot size. The rule is that the heel takes about 5cms (2") and so does the toe.  The bit in between can be as long or as short as you care to make it.  Women's patterns can be minimally smaller not just in the foot but also in the ankle but let's face it - and being a Men's site I can probably just get away with it - most women's ankles are pretty hefty these days and I doubt if it makes a lot of difference.  A hand knitted wool sock is very accomodating.