Back in Texas...adjusting

So I finally arrived back at home in Texas...Im glad to be home and of course to see my kitty and my friends. Im still adjusting to all the things I supposedly missed while I was gone and wouldnt think I would have trouble adjusting to over here (people bagging my groceries for me, having a dishwasher again, my own bathroom etc.) I even forgot how to turn my TV on at home! I look forward to going to my local LYS for the first time and being able to buy some "American" yarn and fibers. I will definitely update once I get settled and back to knitting...but first mission is to find a job so I can afford said knitting. Till then!


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Best wishes with finding a job. Stay positive and hopeful. You probably are in culture shock coming back to America. Take care.

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Welcome back, and good luck with your job search!

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Where in Texas?

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the DFW area but Fort Worth to be exact...if I find a job in Dallas I'm moving over there...with these gas prices? Screw commuting!

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Welcome back to good 'ol Texas! Good luck on your upcoming job hunt!

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Are you off the cat'sd "list" yet?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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When I came home he steered clear of me for a total of 20 minutes then he couldnt stand it anymore and ran up to me and was rubbing on me and purring on me. It was so obvious he couldnt stay mad at me because he missed me so much :-D, He's keeping my toes warm as I write this reply actually haha.

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Pop Tarts. They are the duct tape of the working world. They even turn your TV on/off.

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Welcome home!