Home Again

Just got home last night from our family vacation in White Lake, NC. Visited the LYS in Whiteville, NC, A Row of Purls, Too. The Owner was very nice and I purchased 2 balls of Online, wool/acrylic, in red, and some Lang Jawoll sock yarn. One the way there my wife always stops in Fayetteville, NC to visit a friend from her High School days in NY. While they were having their catch up session I went in to the JoAnn store next door and found some great deals. I got some Debbie Mum mixed fiber balls, Bernat Sox, and Bling Bling for an incredible price. I left the store with a bag full of yarn for around $10.
That started my vacation off great and what is usually a tense week with 17 family members sharing one house ended up being a great time. I knitted a lot on several projects, read 2 books, ate too much, played with my nieces and nephews, and had a generally great time. I taught my nieces how to finger knit, which was good practice for my daughter and me because we are teaching finger knitting as a part of our library's summer reading program next week. So this week is cleaning house, washing clothes and getting ready for a trip to Virginia Beach next week for my father-in-law's retirement. Hoping to visit some LYS during that time as it will be very close to my birthday. I have to get a few projects done this week as well as it is less than a month before I go back to school. Uggh! Well I need to eat and get some things done before everyone at my house gets up. Happy knitting!