Daybreak 2

My second Daybreak scarf, designed by Stephen West, is finished, it is such an enjoyable knit. The solid colour is Ironstone 4ply wool by Nundle Woollen Mills, the variegated green/grey is Salazar superwash merino sock wool by PrismaFiber 3.5mm ciccular used.

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That is truly beautiful, Kerry. I really like the colours. Is it cold enough for a scarf where you are?

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Thanks Ron, and yes it does get cold enough for a scarf, 6C at night but the days can be 16-18C.

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I really like the scarf. The colors are very pleasant and I love the shape. It would actually keep my neck and back warm, which most scarves don't do. Nice job.

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Thanks Jack. This pattern could be called a small shawl but I use it "bandit" style as a scarf.

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Woot! I'm working on another of these too! I think it's my favorite shawl pattern because there is so much possibility to play with colors. As for whether it's cold enough for a scarf, I figure that hot places may require such an accessory even more, since people sometimes crank up the air conditioning so high that you might as well have brought along your blanket! If I ever get the summer blues because I want to wear all my knit accessories, I just have to stop by my local coffee shop; they seem to have issues with their climate control.

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I always take something warm to my local cinema in the summer as the A/C is great at first but soon becomes too cool. Even our buses can be too cool in the summer.

Wool, in the right weight, is good for summer or winter. My partner wears jocks in lightweight wool fabric all year round and says they are most comfortable. I would too if they cut was a bit better, I haven't been able to find an alternative brand. This winter I have bought some lightweight wool long sleeve T shirts to wear as underwear and they are wonderful

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I did just knit a pair of boxer briefs out of wool/nylon sock yarn, and they have been surprisingly comfortable. I did sweat in them, but hey, this is New Jersey, and right now, you don't have to wear a scrap of clothing to sweat. (Just stepping outside feels like visiting a sauna.)

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Beautiful work Kerry!! I've not done shawls but I was just thinking about what I should work on while my boxers are blocking and drying waiting to be sewn up. You did a great job!! Thanks for sharing!


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Maybe you ought to start that second pair, eh? Eh?

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Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing your boxers.

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Looks great. Adding it to my list of projects. Will be perfect for winter here in Philadelphia.

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Tom, I'm sure you would enjoy wearing it, and it is a simple knit.

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I just got this pattern as well as 2 skeins of Malabrigo sock in a Ravelry swap. After seeing yours, I can't wait to make it!

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I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Very lovely knitting and color combination. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe, the grey and green go so well together, and the green is a real emerald/malachite green.

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Thanks Greg.

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It looks beautiful Kerry!!! I need to add it to my queue in Ravelry.