a MAN who knits...

To begin with, you're not bothering me. I'm thankful for your interest and the concern about my previous post. Being an author, I do have a tendency to say what I'm thinking at the moment, without edit. And even in real time, I do have a problem with controversy. So, I'm used to someone shutting me out...just not used to someone shutting me down. Secondly, the Buck Strong issue (my new photo) was done after reading his spinning blog on blogspot. I enjoyed it, and thought how rightful it was to pay homage to someone who wasn't a stereotype. As for here? I plan to put up a post momentarily apologizing for what I may have said (which goes against my own ideas, but...) You know, I may change my idea about my post. I may go completely wild and say what I feel: that it was ridiculous to pull down the post of someone who gets read a shit load more than "my granny squares are coming along nicely." We don't come here for the ideas of knitting. We know what we're doing, we know this craft, we may hunt down ideas and get encouragement, but to be truthful, this idea was to promote the idea of MEN who knit. Not ladies, not children, not pansies. And like being a group of men in a room of common interests, our ideas about life, love, sex, turmoil, and blessings will all come out...honestly. Because we all have a common bond. We're allowed to be real with each other because have a common link that affords us comfortability with each other. So, I think I just wrote my next blog. The administrators of this site never said, "Hey, man....pull back." Nor was there an explanation given as to why my post was pulled. I'm not sure what's going on. I may get banned....for being a MAN who knits.


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For my part, no offense taken. but I appreciate your "apology" because it gives us all a chance to know you better. We are all fascinating men (and women) who knit and are intrigued by the practical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of what we create. Thanks for sharing yourself with us and for the homage you offer to Buck Strong. All of us share in that in some part. Smooches.

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I appreciate that. Thank you....and I think I own the same red apron.

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I'm sorry I missed your your previous posting.

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I just spent about an hour combing through the abuse moderation back end of the site and I can't find your post anywhere! As I'm sure you know this is a self moderated community and from time to time Darrel and I chime in. Repost if you'd like... I'm actually very curious... and if you feel like you were wrongfully removed in the future, send me a mail and I'll help out.



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*nod* I just sent you a private message, but wanted to highlight some of the key points that others might appreciate or scorn:

I don't censor people. I don't care if folks on here are gay, straight, trans, or shirtless. I care that you knit.

I do care about people posting copyrighted material because cease and desist letters make me frown, but suffice it to say, I don't police the content on the site unless it's obviously spam.

So as Frank said (Hi Frank!), I don't see anything in the moderation queue that would indicate your post was flagged, didn't see your previous post, and am kind of curious as to what I apparently missed out on.

Is everybody alright? :)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Personally I read a bit about your post and it had many paragraphs in it and it looked like you had a lot to say, but it was very little about crafts. I did see it dissappear as I was coming back. I left and when I had more time to read and pay attention to it , it was not there, so I searched, I found it but then it vanished again. I have been a member of this community for along time and I can tell you that The Owners of this site are AWESOME people.It could have been that under the new rules if enough people thought it was offensive it was pull down. I tell you it wouls surprise me if it happened. As far as I read it was not offensive , but very concentrated on your personal experience of life which is ok. We not only Knit we Crochet , we are weavers and spinners and you will find that we come from different backgrounds and gender identifications, not all of us are cowboys or care to be cowboys, there are men and women here, there are all kinds of folk that have different gender likes, there are even people who knit twisted, some of us love acrylic or some of us think is a curse. Every action has a reaction. Since you are a writter I know you pay a bit more care about what you put out, because you become your words, you become your sentences.

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To be truthful, it was about the craft. I had a conversation with someone on an off topic. Sex. And he mentioned the sacredness of my time alone with my projects....And the conversation turned to how sometimes my knitting is an intimate experience, and other times its a crack potted one night knitting nightmare....much like a sexual encounter. This craft isn't always an elevated experience. Sometimes it's done out of necessity, sometimes out of need, sometimes out of boredom.
...and as for being cautious of my words? My friend, there isn't a book I haven't published that hasn't gotten me into some trouble for some reason or another. I'm more familiar with my words than people tend to believe.