Okay Spinner Dudes

So, I'm working my way into getting a feel for processing and spinning merino. I have figured out a way to clean the wool in the washer (thanks to all of your great suggestions) and I got some wool combs to finish up the locks into wonderful fluff to spin (I used a drum carder on my first batch and it was a nightmare).
When I get done combing I take the left over bits off the combs and save them. When I have finished with all of the locks, I comb out the left over bits and get a bit more usable wool. Now I have a pile of nubby, bumpy wool with bits of vegetable matter in it. I hate to throw it away. Is there any way to use this stuff? What do you guys do with your combed fiber rejects?


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If you can get the Gentle Art of Plying DVD and you may find what to do with some of the rejects. SOme people use them to stuff toys or toy animal instead of fiberfill.

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Make felt balls. Cats and small dogs love them. Dye the wool in kool aid in a crock pot if you want colors.

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Man, I've got sooooo much to learn. I wanna learn it all from the beginning, not just from SHEERING the sheep, but from what to FEED the sheep so their wool is nice and shiny. SPINNING? An old woman taught me to drop spindle with a wooden dowel shoved into what was supposed to be a wooden wheel for a toy truck. I've got so much to learn.

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Some of the waste can be used for stuffing toys. Or you can use it in your indoor plant pots. They hold in the soil from draining out the bottom and retain moisture! You can use it in your outdoor plants too, but work it into the soil so it doesn't blow away. It will decompose eventually. Some birds like to use the wool for their nests too. Dye it first, and you will see some colourful nests! Use it for practice dyeing -- and then make felted marbles! Do layers of colours and then cut them open -- cool! You can use it with some longer wool and do needle felting. Because the waste is usually quite short, felting is a little harder to do, but possible. Make felted pads to use as insoles. And the list goes on and on.