Knitting on a streetcar

Tonight I went to “Stitch and Pitch” at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The only other times I’d been there had been during the day (weekday) with my clients (developmentally disabled) from the Arc of San Francisco. And the section that was assigned to the knitters had been fairly empty and mellow when I’d been there before so I figured that all the knitters who came for stitch and pitch would have lots of room and be able to hang out and knit together. Didn’t happen that way. It was jammed packed with blood-in-the-teeth Giants fans. I got there in the bottom of the first and didn’t see one person knitting. Baseball is OK but this was Circus Maximus Baseball. Not really my scene. So I left, chalked the price of the ticket up to experience and got back on the streetcar for the close-to-an-hour ride back out to the edge of town where I live. And I knitted all the way. That was the first time I’ve ever knitted on public trans (because I usually don’t take it--I ride my bike). What a difference it makes! The hour flew by! Anyway I got off at the next-to-the-last stop and went into the corner liquor store and got myself a bottle of beer and as I was coming out of the store this Russian lady, who apparently was on the streetcar (lots of Russians and Chinese in my neighborhood) comes up to me and in her cute little Russian accent says, “Sir, vhat are you makingk? And I said, “Oh, it’s a rug,” making a gesture indicating that it goes on the floor. “For the bathroom,” I said. Not really the answer she was expecting but she said, “It’s nice.” That kind of made my night. Just thought I’d share that.


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We missed you tonight buddy! Always fun that people ask. I was spinning at the Gilroy festival and some ladies asked me what I was doing as well.

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Garlic yarn?

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Too bad Stitch N Pitch didn't work out, and like Andy says you were missed. I knit on transit a lot, and you immediately found out the best features: knitting makes the ride time go faster, and it starts conversations with nice people you would otherwise have spoken to.