Red Diamond Afghan

This is my first post to a knitting blog, so I am excited to kick it off with a photo of a recently completed project. I have a hard time finishing what I start (a common condition among the knitters I know), so it was especially satisfying to bind off after finishing this one. There were a lot of false starts with this project, as it's a pattern of my own design and I had to start over a couple of times to figure out what I wanted to do. If anyone has some suggestions on how to better photograph knitting, please let me know.  Thanks!

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nice and even, looks great! congrats on getting it "off the needles" too.

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That's beautimous!  Any chances you might share the pattern?

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Nice work! Please, do share the pattern, even if it's rough -- needle size, approx amount of yarn.

A bed, with a neutral coloured cover is quite often a good place to display knitting for photos - especially if the bedroom is large enough to let you move around to get the best angles.

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Striking!  Really well done patterning - I like the open work between the diamonds and how that contrasts with the solid diamonds a lot.

Isn't satisfying to rework and rework the beginning and finally come up with something so well done?


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That looks great. You like designing lots of lace patterns, I notice. ;)

That's definitely true.  I think adding some lace into an otherwise solid piece of knitting adds interest.  :)  Yarrr(n)!

I keep coming back to look at this, it's that cool!  Please share the pattern with us.