Add a shawl to the pile...

After juggling about five shawls for a time, I'm happy to have finished my Traveling Woman shawl. I was encouraged to knit it after seeing Ron's (Ravelry name moreliaman) version. I like how the simple pattern handles variegated yarns. I added extra lace repeats, and worked the chart extra times as welll, in an attempt to make a certain yardage requirement for a silly challenge I've entered. Happily, I finished with only a small bit of yarn, making good use of the skein.

The colors are stepping out of my comfort zone a bit, which has actually been a motivator to work on this project. I like to think I'm slowly expanding my color palette, and this shawl makes use of melon-ish colors that I usually avoid. Usually? Okay, always--until now. It'll be interesting to see how wearable this shawl is. I like to see how colors combine to create vastly different effects and impressions. I'm no expert in color, so I approach it much like I approach my knitting...a bit like a playground. Mind you, sometimes I play hard.

I'll admit that this lace is a bit of a stretch for a guy to pull off, and I love the rough, tweedy look at times. But I've been known to sport a shawl of late, and in my opinion, it beats a standard long scarf any day.

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Looks fabulous! Enjoy wearing it!

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Looks fabulous! Enjoy wearing it!

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Wow! That is completely awesome! When I opened the first picture, as it was unfurling, it looked Central American to me. Like something you'd find in a rural market somewhere down there. That was the vibe I got from the colors. Your stitchery is beautiful. Really, really nice job. Congratulations.

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It is gorgeous. Just enjoy the fact that you completed something that looks like a complex heirloom.

Bill's picture

Well done! works...I wouldn't have thought the Traveling Woman shawl would work for a man...but the colour and the yarn weight are great! looks wonderful on you!

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That's affirming! Thanks, Bill! I like to make it a challenge to pull off something that is generally associated knitting ;)

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The colours are wonderful.

I love the colours and doesn't it fell good to step out of the norm once in awhile?


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Mos' def.

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Your stitchery is in fact beautiful. My favorite pics are the last two, especially the last one. And the colors are brilliant!! Your last comment reminds me of something Little Edie (in Grey Gardens) might say... "It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present...."


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Your Traveling Woman came out beautifully, and the variegated colours worked really well. By making it larger you've also made it a a better size for wearing, it looks so good on you. I'm going to have to make another one for me this time.

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Thanks, Kerry! I am surprised at how small the original pattern comes out; I was lucky to see one knit in handspun, and it really is like a woman's kerchief without the extra repeats.

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I knitted my 198yds.... in heavy weight silk so there was no give when I blocked. I gave it to a friend to decorate something she was making. I've just bought a beautiful olive coloured hand dyed fingering weight wool so have earmarked that one for me.

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Thanks, all, for the encouragement! I'm glad you like it, too. :-)

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Beautiful. Looks great on you. Will have to look for the pattern.

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Wow, this looks gorgeous, Will... i love it.

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I Love how it came out! It's simply gorgeous!

Just do what I do when I'm wearing my 198 Yards of Heaven... put on your "Fuck Gender, I'm beautiful" strut and get to walkin'!

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Hahaha! That's great!

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That is some great knitting, Willy. The colorway and pattern really compliment each other and it looks great on you. Sometimes you just need to stretch those boundaries. [Note to self...take your own advice.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The colourway and the pattern go really well together; and hey - autumnal is just the greens in another phase!

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