New Knitting Website

Hi all,

Please join me for the launch of my new loom knitting website, ! There you can read the story about how I got interested in loom knitting in the first place, see the projects I'm currently working on, and browse my knitting-related stores. Check out my zazzle store at for items with some of the funniest "knitticisms" around, with new items added regularly. Let me know what you think!

Greg aka Loom Dude


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Very unique and original. Did you make the bo-peep doll for your daughter? When you click on the products, there's a link to "view all products". Just FYI, it appears to be broken as the page it takes you to says no products found. Good site though. Just one tip - you might want to load you blog onto your site and have a link directly to it rather than continuing to use blogspot. It will give you a lot more versatility and options regarding media uploads (video and space limitations on blogspot can be a b****). I'll check in on it regularly. How did you make out with the hook? Have fun with it and good luck!

Hugzzz 8-)

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Thanks Hugzzz,

I didn't make the Bo Peep doll for my daughter, though she saw it and loved it. She isn't quite old enough to take care of it so I will make her a different doll later on. I hope to post Bo Peep on Etsy for sale soon.

Thanks for the heads up on the broken links, I try to stay on top of things like that. I did try on my other websites to load my blog directly onto my site and just kept having too many problems with it. I need more webmaster skiils I guess.

The shepherd's crook is baked and ready for painting: