oh MY

oh wow, its been too long since I have gotten on here :) so here we go again!
its been a few years, at least, and I have Been learning how to read the patterns.
used to, I would just crochet what I was taught and nothing else, no new patterns
or fancy stitch work. so WOO HOO for that :) I still have a bit of trouble now and then,
but fortunately, I have a wonderful grandmother who also knows how to crochet.
If I ever need any help, I ask her :)

So far, I have only managed to successfully read two patterns. I suppose it comes with
time and practice though :D

what else.....I have started making hats as well!! as soon as I am finished with one, I
will be sure to Post a picture of it :)

I guess that's it for now!


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Joey, I got to look at what you posted recently. Good work! Or should I say, that's a lot of work! Kudos! I especially enjoyed the Stained Glass.

I pretty much learned from books, with little input from people, until I found websites like this one. What a wonderful can of worms this has turned out to be!