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N97 mini Verhüterli, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 25th July 2010
Finish: 01st August 2010
Needles: 2.5 mm - 80 cm Addi Turbo
Yarns: Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in "Veilchen" and "Granatapfel" (using the rest that I have from weaving)
Pattern: Judy Magic CO 48 sts, knit the round for the first round then add the colour on the second round *2 red, 2 purple* for the total of two rounds, then move over one stitch and continue in the same manner until the new colour lines up with the second round, then start going back the original way to make a zigzag pattern

N97 mini Verhüterli, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Anybody missed me? I guess not. I kinda took a hiatus, because there were other higher-priority things...such as life and work. But as the wheel turns, things also turn.

I was fully employed as of 1st July 2010...but as fate would have it, things turned around and they decided to shut down the department I was in, which in turns resulted in their having to make me redundant. So I decided to take my nine-and-a-half days of vacation that have accumulated over the past few months and take my last two weeks off work....that half a day came into effect today.

So it's back to the drawing board again with looking and applying for a new job. I'm definitely going to stay in the field for the while. Who would have guessed that I actually quite like the work and actually have fun at it. Sure, there are definite days when I woke up and went *urrrrrggggh*...mais c'est la vie, non? ;-)

There was a period where I thought I was going to be kicked out of Germany, because my work permit then was bound to the company, i.e. if I lost my job there, it would mean losing my work permit and effectively my right to stay here in Germany altogether. 10 years down the drain. So, when the talk about the dissolution came about, I pretty much panicked. I ran over to the alien authority as soon as I could to see what options I had. That was the pivotal point.

Turned out that I had already been eligible for another kind of work permit for about three weeks already. So I got my new work permit, which allows me to actually do whatever kind of work in Germany, as long as it's not a self-employment (I could freelance, but it's complicated) and as long as I can support myself without getting any financial help from the state. That cleared a lot of things up for me, since I can now look for any kind of jobs I feel like. However, I won't be looking for any "easy job" and downgrade any time soon, but at least I know I have that as my very last resort.

So, yes, that's the update on my life. There are other dilemmas that the redundancy brought about. The financial side is obvious. But there are some particular things that entail and are causing me to be quite anxious. But it's not something I would want to discuss here.

Anyway, let's get off the gloomy stuff and get to something brighter.

N97 mini Verhüterli, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
I've been with my cellphone service provider for as long as I have been in roughly 10 years....I just had enough of it. They had been treating me badly for the last few years and their service had been taking quite a steep path downhill. Frankly, I was fed up with them.

At the same time I wanted to get a new cellphone, so why not just combine that with changing the service provider? I defected from my old SP and signed a new contract with a new SP. The contracts will run parallel to each other until my old contract expires at the beginning of December. No, I'm not paying double....otherwise I wouldn't have done it. I won't go into the details of the plans, since they're irrelevant here. Let's just put it down to the fact that I'm with the new SP already, but not using it just yet. (I'm applying to take my number with me, so that I don't have to run around telling everybody that I have a new number.) Now, if my cellphone usage behaviour doesn't change, I would actually be saving about EUR 10-15 each month on this new plan.

Anyway, I got the phone that I had been lusting after for quite a long while now: Nokia N97 Mini. True, the model is not that new any more, but I have always wanted it - ever since I first saw its big brother, the N97.

With an N-Series phone, I'm able to get multimedia again. I had been on the business phone for the past few years (using the E61i), which allowed me to do a lot of things, but not the whole multimedia she-bangs. So now with an N-Series phone, I can start looking into getting active in moblogging again (are we still doing that at all?). I have to see what I can do with this N97 mini in regards to moblogging (Anina, any tips?). Last time I moblogged, I was still using Nokia Lifeblog to do so, but now I'm not sure how to go about it best. We'll see.

Being the revived knitting mobile geek that I am, I needed to keep my phone cozy. I have always knitted these stockinette cellphone cozies that I never really documented about. So, this time I thought that I needed something with a bit more pizzaz, so I decided to go for stranded knitting.

N97 mini Verhüterli, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Simple pattern, pretty much made up on-the-go, using leftovers of lovely Wollmeise yarns....and look, I even knitted corrugated rib for the first time!

As you can see, I still knit here and there. And now that I have a bit of time on hand (when not looking and applying for jobs), I should start clearing off some of my UFOs/WIPs lying around my place. :-)

Apart from that, hopefully, I will be able to moblog again soon.

Here's to a new chapter!


2manyhobbies's picture

I love it - the colors really pop out and make the pattern look rich. But I'm a little jealous of the phone :). I have an older HTC, and it's about time for a new one... I'm trying to decide between the iPhone, Android, and maybe the new windows phone 7 coming out this fall, so i think i'll wait a little while longer. Best of wishes for your job search!

DeceptiveCookie's picture

Must be nice to be able to get Wollmeise so easily!

Love the pattern... beautiful cell cozy!

DeceptiveCookie's picture

Must be nice to be able to get Wollmeise so easily!

Love the pattern... beautiful cell cozy!

Kerry's picture

Beautiful knitting.

PaulJMC's picture

Good to see you again too!


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!