Tomorrow will be the 1st anniversary of the start of my knitting life

A year ago a friend's boyfriend at the time, Sean Riley of Boston, gave me a lesson in knitting and I haven't stopped yet (except for 2 months in the hospital mostly in a coma). I've actually surprised myself that I've haven't lost interest. There seems to be something very compelling about knitting that I just can't say for many of the other endeavors that I've started over the years and that have dropped by the wayside. And it's not that I've completed anything that could possibly be called a garment (this puts me in the category of a process knitter). I'm doing mostly socks at the time (single socks, although I did complete what could pass as a pair if one doesn't look too closely). I also make many swatches of new stitches I want to try out.

It seems like there's more than enough to keep me interested in knitting for the rest of my life; always a challenge. Somewhere in my future I imagine a sweater and some colorwork, also a lace shawl.

looking forward to my second year of knitting,


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Congrats on your anniversary. And don't worry about "making anything". When I first started knitting, I just knit and knit skein after skein of yarn just for the practice of knitting!

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Happy birthday ;-)

sorry for my english... normally I speak French...

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Congrats on being a year old tomorrow - in knitting anyhow. [I would be 43 - or thereabouts. :-P] Just keep clicking away and you'll find yourself making all sorts of things. Never be afraid of a can always rip it out and rework it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Rob, congrats, keep up the good work.

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Happy Anniversary!! I think you'll just gradually do more and different things - whatever happens happens!! Enjoy it!


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Happy First! They will all add up in time, but that first one is special.

Don't worry about not "making anything" just yet. It will come. Right now, you need to learn about the possibilities, and it will all come together one day. I have a box of samples.. swatches, really. Good to look at from time to time. I enjoyed exploring the different results.

Eventually, I did complete a few garments and other finished items. All nice to do too. But I still like to do experiments! Dishcloths are one good way to do swatches that are something! They are useful no matter how successful you think they are.

A sweater is just the same as a swatch -- only larger with more stitches. All it requires is patience to get all the way through it; some of them can be really boring to do!

Best Wishes!

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Congrats you! Keep rewarding your self with knitting. Amazing how it helps with loads of things going on in life.

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Congratulations, Rob! My first year anniversary is two weeks from tomorrow. And what a year it's been! I'm not exaggerating when I say that this craft has changed my life. I used to get drunk a lot. Then one night I realized that I was too drunk to knit. I was not pleased. If I drink at all now, I stop after one or two. Being unable to knit is not worth it. The craft has also changed how I think of myself. Being a "knitter" is now part of my identity, part of how I think of myself. (Kind of a big part, actually.) Anyway all the best to you on your anniversary. Long may you stitch.

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Sometimes I am amzed at the number of new knitters on this list; but then I recall the ones who knti in their youth and have returned, and those who have knit for yonks.....

alll in all we have a really good mix I think - new, returnees, long term knitters.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Happy anniversary! Don’t stop knitting. I took a class about 3 years ago and have not stopped. I’ve made things for myself, Christmas presents, and I knit hats for a local charity for women and children. They appreciate the bag I drop off in November.
Don’t let the snags stop you. I keep the first practice piece I knitted in my tool kit. It is full of hole, mistakes, and ugly things that only God knows where I screwed up. It reminds me of how far I’ve come in my ability.