The Pink Triangle On My Lawn or.... MMario being an enabler can save your ass!

I had completely forgotten about a fundraiser donation item for the Italian Greyhound Rescue Reunion Picnic we're going to today. I had this Faux Spanish Lace shawl stashed away with the hopes of playing with adding a border to it. Just this morning I decided that borderless, it would be a perfect item for our auction, however, it wasn't blocked.

My usual area downstairs is cluttered with stuff at the moment and unusable for blocking. There's nowhere in the back yard I could keep it safe from the dogs so I grabbed some big nails and headed outside. There was nowhere in the back yard I could put it where it would be safe from the dogs so I put it out front. It will definitely be dry by the time we need to leave later.

Whew, crisis averted!

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Top marks for ingenuity. I love this particular shawl and on my monitor it is showing as a very pretty pinky-mauve colour. What did you knit it in and what colour is it in reality? Hope you raise lots of money.

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It's Jaggerspun Zephyr, 50% wool, 50% silk in pink. The color might have a more "Martha Stewart" name, but it's just pink.

Thanks. Hope you raised lots of money.

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maybe you need to do another one and leave it there full time!

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That's perfect! I do that with my wall at the office, since I don't have that much open space at home. I don't think I've posted pics of the latest project here yet -- I'll do it today. Whatever you can use that will work, it's all perfectly allowable. It's the finished product that matters, not how or where you did it. And what a sneaky way to advertise! I thought you had put it on your fence... that would even be better.

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lawn blocking, gotta love it!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Actually, that is the etymology of the word, "laundry": Lawn Dry! Looks beautiful and I am sure it was well appreciated

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