Two significant yarn purchases this week

I bought two bundles of yarn for my stash this week:

1) From a seller on Craig's List I bought about 30 skeins of Red Heart yarn.  Assorted colors.  All of it is the usual acyrlic or acrylic/nylon blend.  Not a bad deal.  I don't usually use this kind of crap stuff (I'm a wool or cotton man) but it can't hurt to have it around for the next Knit a River project or something.

2) is having an incredible sale.  I'm really digging Araucania Nature Wool.  It was a recommended substitute for my all time favorite, Rowan Magpie (which was sadly discontinued last year.)  Nature Wool is a 100% wool yarn from Chile.  It is kettle-dyed by a women's cooperative.  There are subtle (and some not so subtle) changes in the color throughout the hank.  Very cool.  I haven't had a chance to felt any yet but I've heard it's fantastic felted (oh boy, more clogs!) 

Anyway, they're selling it for $4.69 a hank (242 yards/100 grams.)  I bought 3 hanks in about 8 different colors.  They're also selling Noro Kureyon overstock for $5.79 a skein.  Limited colors but some of them are not too bad.

I also purchase a bit of something called Casablanca.  It looks a bit like gummy yarn (as opposed to gummy bears/worms.)  They have a rainbow colored ombre for $2.50 per 110 yard ball.  Gotta be ready for Pride next year you know!

They also give a 20 percent discount on full-priced yarn if you buy $60.00 worth and 25 percent on a $125.00 purchase.  (BTW - they carry Cascade 220 at $7.00 a skein and it is eligible for the discount - $5.60 for a skein of Cascade 220 - not too bad!)

Needless to say, I'm out of control.  My "office" downstairs has morphed from a recording studio to a yarn stash.  But all is not lost - the yarn has improved the acoustics!


damn you rturko -- I am spending waay too much money on and its all your fault :)