Lace book for sale

I just spotted this offer and it's a great deal! I have this book (and her second book too) and they are well worth having, if you do any lace. Lots of really great "doilies" which grow into table cloths, or you can make them into shawls as well. I made one of her tablecloths in black many years ago, and it's huge.. very elegant!


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So where did the link go?? I never understand this system here!*GeoUSCA*__84339186013&ysmwa=tQ3-zYGdV98IFzGJmxVGh6JuL8fBWbLHW2T9iikP9NAZPMg59JUNlotYo7QcJs_G

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Thanks for posting! I've been looking for a book like that. My Grandmother has requested a tablecloth for Sunday dinners. Just got it! It's such a great price!