Lost Knitter in Baytown, TX

So, I just moved to Baytown for a new job, and I have no clue if there are any knitting groups in the area, let alone men who knit....

Are there any of you fellas out there that live in the Baytown area and get together on a regular basis?


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Hey Joseph! I don't know exactly where Baytown is, but how far is it from Houston? I live about 6 hours away in NOLA, but one of our members, Kenny Chua lives in Houston. Good luck finding a group!

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Oh deary lordy. I'm and sooooooo sorry you live in Baytown. I used to work out there for 5 years but then I quit. I live in Houston, and it's about a 45 min drive into town. But Mill is right, if you want to hang out, I can show you the stuff around town.

The only thing in Baytown that is closest to a knit shop is The Upstairs Studio in La Porte. But it really is a weaving store instead of a knitting store.

Everything is pretty much within the 610 loop.

Let me know if you need more help..... or company.

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Thanks guys. :) I'm hoping to have my own apartment here in Baytown by the end of the month :). I am staying with friends for now. I have thought about moving into Houston, but I'm a teacher, so it's kinda more conducive to stay in the area :).

I may take you up on your offer, Kenny, after I get settled. :)