Fiber withdrawl and new job!!!

So after 3 weeks of constant searching, sending out resume's and hoping to high hell. I finally landed a job over in Dallas with Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Not exactly what I wanted but it'll pay the bills until I can find something I really want to do. What I am really looking forward to now is being able to FINALLY afford to get a spinning wheel so I can really do some spinning and make some good quantities of yarn and knit something really nice with it. Spinning with the drop spindle has been great and I love its portability, but I just can't make enough yarn to knit something it seems and plying with a spindle is a real b****. I'm also looking forward to buying some nice fibers to spin, what I've been using is needle felting wool roving from a craft shop (it was super cheap and good to practice with, but coarse as hell). So, as of right now I am in the process of being "processed" (drug tests, background checks, paperwork etc.) by HR at the new hotel. Once I get done with that I can start working and pulling in some paychecks. On top of my fiber addiction, I also have car payments and student loan payments that are just aching to be paid! So Ill be sure to keep you updated as to which wheel I get and what fibers I plan to spin (Im strongly leaning toward the Kromski Minstrel or Fantasia). Right now Im knitting a winter beanie hat out of 100% Alpaca Handspun yarn I brought back with me from Germany. It was 8 Euros a skein but I couldnt resist because it looked so squishy and comfy! Ill post pictures soon, just started decreasing for the crown of the hat.


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Mitchell -

Congratulations on the new job! I'm happy to hear that you are going to invest in a wheel. I recently bought a Kromski Sonata and LOVE it! It is very portable and spins like a dream. I also am attracted to the Fantasia but have not spun on one. I just rediscovered my drop spindles and am obsessed with spinning yarn for socks! I am getting very efficient on the spindles and can spin quickly (Not quite as fast as my wheel). I also owned an alpaca farm for many years but when my partner and I spilt up we had to sell the farm and all the animals. I do have about 100+ pds of fiber just sitting in my attic so - once you get settled in, give me a shout and I'll send you some. Consider it a "congrats on the new job" gift.


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Congrats on the new job Mitch! I can't wait to learn how to spin. I'm excited for you!