cable repairs

Can anyone direct me to an internet site that shows how to correct cable errors in situ without frogging the entire piece back to the error?  Thanks!


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if it's something like correcting the twist of the cable... Eilzabeth Zimmerman shows cutting the stitch at the cross...retwisting correctly and darning the cut...
what is the problem...we might be able to help...

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You can also drop the stitches to where the mistake is.  For example if you are doing a six stitch cable you would drop the six stitches down to the mistake and with double pointed needles knit back up.  I find dropping the stitches the hardest thing to do because you really have to encourage them.  The Yarn Harlot has pictures of this on her June 20th entry.     Hope this helps. 


I've made corrections to errors such as cables twisted in the wrong direction by dropping stitches down to the mistake and re-doing them with a crochet hook.  Sometimes I insert a dpn or the cable hook to hold the stitches as I repair them, sometimes not--it just depends on how well they stay in place.  Usually the tension ends up looking all wrong, but by the time you finish the project all the handling and especially washing will make it almost impossible to tell where you made the correction.  I definitely suggest putting some rubber bands around the main needles to prevent other stitches from falling off while you work.

Two methods right here.