Cocked and Loaded

Hey guys! Just an update to tell you that the pattern for "Positive Chi" is now available. You can either go to my blog, The Knitting Mill, or my Rav Profile to get to it. Is it me and my lack of sleep or is the whole uploading of a pattern process horribly tedious? I hope I did it right!!! For anyone who buys it--I'd really appreciate some honest feedback on what you think of how the pattern is written, how it looks and if you find any errata or difficulties in clarity! Thanks so much! I feel like I just gave birth without the epidural...LOL! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


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I have the pattern!'s beautifully written and illustrated...bought yarn today!
I've started knitting...The sweater starts with a tricky tubular cast on...Mill wrote very clear instructions for it and provided a link to a Eunny Jang YouTube video that makes it EASY!

I'm doing the sweater in two shade of grey plus red...and will probably do a white skull and crossbones. My 5.5 year old grandson is into pirates...
LOVE this pattern...and with such big yarn it should be a fairly quick knit...very rewarding...

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Thanks Bill! I'm very flattered to say the least!

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Lots of luck with this, Mill. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe!

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Hey Mill,
I just saw Bill working up this sweater at our Monday Night knitting group. All I can say is Wow!! It’s very good looking and it’s got a great feel to it too. Nice, nice job. I especially like the feel of that cast on. Bravo, Bro!

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Thanks Tom! That's so nice of you to say! I LOVE that cast on. I couldn't imagine another way to cast on for ribbing now. It keeps it's shape and has tons of stretch.


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The uploading of pdf's is one of the few things at Rav I don't find to be cumbersome. Of course, you have to choose a time when less people are online as their servers tend to crap out otherwise.

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