Love that little bitch...

Here's some pics of my miniature pinscher in her new sweater. Not very good photos: she won't sit still for long when I bring out the camera. What a diva!

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What a little cutie! The sweater looks great and I love the color! It contrasts so nicely with her coat.

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Thanks so much. I love my little Blanche. She's the apple of my eye, just don't tell her sissy, Stella ;).

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Wow... that's beautiful. Looks like it was a lot of work!! What's the pattern. Looks like it would work for Kenneth Chi!! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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Thanks. It wasn't terribly hard, just time consuming. The pattern is the Darling Darby Sweater. It's a free download on Ravelry, and it's basically a template. I did the back of the sweater in blackberry stitch. Something about the color made me think of raspberries, so I was inspired to make a similar texture. I had to modify it because I was knitting in the round, and all stitch dictionaries showed the pattern for flat knitting. I have knit "several" different sweaters for both my dogs using this pattern. It's really the best dog sweater pattern I've found, and it's limitless as far as design possibilities. I recommend it.

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That's way cool. I love the way the neck blends down into the front, while the back and sides are different.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Very nice and cute. Just what the best dressed dog needs. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice!

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She's a cutie-pie! Great job on the sweater.

I have Italian Greyhounds that should probably wear sweaters, but two of the boys would rather play tug of war with a sweater than wear it. Besides, if they want warmth, they just form a doggie pile under a blanket. If I had just one dog, a sweater might be possible.