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Ok as you guys saw from my last post, I am in the market for a spinning wheel. I would like to keep it under 500 dollars preferably, and ive been saving since I got home from Germany, but there are so many wheels, so many styles etc. I just dont know which one to choose! Kromski looks good, but so does Ashford, as well as Lendrum and Louet. Can someone please help me? If you have a wheel, tell which one it is and how you like it, what type of spinning you do on it and if you would recommend it as a first wheel for someone? Thank You.


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If you happen to be on Ravelry, go over and look for Agres (Aaron Lewis). I've seen him post all kinds of information on all kinds of different spinning wheels. I bet he could put you onto something. I've told him about MWK, but I don't know if he's ever come over here.

Of course, that's not to say there aren't a few expert spinners around here, who I'm sure will give you excellent advice as well.

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I own a Kromski Sonata and like it very much.
1. it is very adjustable
2. It is portable and comes with a free travel bag

I say that if you have the opportunity of taking a class where you can have a rental go for it.

Before I got my Sonata I went to a class on a Lady Bug, which is adorable, but did not convince me as a wheel for me, I found it to be clunky. I saw two more styles of different wheels and I did not like the other ones either, the one I like as far as looks was what they call a castle Wheel.

Look for a dealer in your area and see if you can go for a demonstration, there are some locally made wheels in the US that are great prices. You also have the electric one which is like 90 % automated, before you go to spin on a wheel, you should try spinning on a spindle. The spindle will give you some basic knowledge of the lingo and some techniques that you will require for the wheel spinning.
You can go to this website copy and paste and read http://www.woolery.com/pages/selectwheel.html

Personally I spent about 6 months reading, but I spent a year on my drop spindle, you don't have to, but reading you learn a lot. I have no complaints about my wheel, that is the only thing I can tell you. If I had the space I would have bought a Fantasia, I may still do lol!

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i have a babe fiber starter, second hand, that i'm no longer using. spinning just isn't my thing, even though i love it. if you're interested, i can get pictures for you. i'm asking $140 + actual shipping.
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Change your thoughts; change your world.

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I recently borrowed my friend's Lendrum Double Treadle and I love it... It folds, and packs up fairly easily and it's a great wheel to learn on. Of course I'm still a bungling beginner with the wheel... I don't think my feet are coordinated enough...

I like the idea of an e-spinner too... they're so small and compact...

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If you have a shop that you can go to and try several wheels, I think that is the best option. Or a local spinning guild...I have had the opportunity to try several wheels that way and you have hands on experience to go by. A friend recently received a Kromski and, while a wonderful wheel, found it just didn't suit her spinning style. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.