HELP - Continental knitter here

Ok guys - before I icord myself a noose!! I knit a la "continental" and on the purl rows when I have two or more colors I can't weave in the strands without tangling the yarns or actually letting go after each stitch to reposition each strand of yarn etc. It's just a slow mess. I'm fed up and need good advise on an easy clean method to weave in the back of my work on the purl rows. Oddly the knit rows are beautiful.
Here is a recent project finished - love em.

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this is really beautifull....
I like this very much....

sorry for my english... normally I speak French...

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Yeah been there done that! The easiest way to minimize the tangling is to make small bobbins in each color. I remember having this same problem. Making these bobbins saved me from a lot of frustration! Hope this helps.

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Wish I could help you, Bob. My best guess is to check out Mary Thomas's knitting books as she gives pretty decent guidelines on weaving in ends as you go. So does Alice Starmore. I'm just now working on this myself and haven't quite worked it out for myself...yet. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm guessing this problem occurs with fair isle knitting? I'm a thrower (or a knitter of the English style, if you prefer), and when color knitting, I make a determination of which color will be the dominant color and carry it in my right hand and throw those stitches when it's time to knit or purl them, and I carry the other color in my left hand and knit or purl it continental. I never have to worry about yarns getting crossed because I don't have to drop them with this method.

I've seen Meg Swansen carry both colors in her left hand and knit and purl as usual, only picking the strand needed to execute the knit or purl stitch. I tried this and didn't find it to my liking, but for a continental knitter it may be preferrable to knitting using both hands.

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The pillows are beautiful Bob!!! I knit stranded colorwork like Wayne--one in each hand. When I first started, I did the "drop and pick up method" because I was an English knitter and often had similar problems to what you describe. Now my weaving goes quickly and my yarn never tangles when I go at it two handed.