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Hello and greetings everyone I am knew to the site and old to the art of knitting. My aunt taught me crochet when I was 13 and I self taught my self knitting when I was 25. Unfortunately I apparently taught myself wrong, according to all the videos on youtube. I knit like I crochet holding the yarn in the right and oicking it with the left. This has caused problems with patterns I have tried. I love to knit simple quick project, mainly dishcloths cause my family loves them and bugs me for them. But would love to be able to read and correctly execute a simple sweater pattern. can anyone help?????


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Of course we can help you. You've stumbled into the friendliest most helpful place on the internets. You did not teach yourself wrong, you are knitting left handed. That's not a wrong thing, just as you've discovered, it causes problems with patterns. All patterns are written for right handed knitters so you just need to translate them into left handed patterns! Usually this only involves decreases so it's a simple thing to learn. It's really a matter of the mechanics/physics of the knit structure. Assuming that your stitches are mounted "correctly" on the needles a right handed knitter if wanting to create a right leaning decrease will do a SSK or S1K1PSSO and to do a left handed decrease do a K2Tog. For a left handed all you have to do is switch them around. For a right lean do a K2Tog and a left lean a SSK. Clear as mud? Great! Hope this helps a little.

Oh and Welcome to Men Who Knit.

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thanks for the welcome and the tips. what I am having trouble with are left and right twist stitches is it possible to post a short video to show how they are translated?

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yes - welcome. It isa very friendly mob that has helped me out many times. There is a great sense of support and encouragement.


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Welcome indeed. A short video or photos would be very helpful. Do you crochet with your left hand? If so, you are a left handed knitter. I am also a left handed knitter, but have taught myself to knit right handed in order to teach others how to knit. I have very strong views about handedness in knitting [which the members have heard before] but any pattern that is written for right handed knitters can be knitted by lefties. The main thing, as HuskerChub said, is that you may have to change the slant of the decreases on mirrored projects [like raglans, etc] and you might knit the left side of a project first, possibly having to knit buttonholes first, and such. Otherwise, knitting is still what happens between the yarn and the needles; not how you execute it [in most cases]. For twisted stitches, all I can recommend is finding instructions that are clear and precise [Pam Allen has good ones] then practice, practice, practice on a swatch. Lots of luck. And please remember...we are all willing to help. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome Gary! Unfortunately I can't offer too much advice or guidance for left handed knitting, but I know the guys here can. Are you on Ravelry? I could point out a couple of free, simple sweater patterns on the site. is also another good site to search for simple sweater patterns and they are free as well.

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Hello once again haven't been able to reply to all the good advice and suggestions from the fellow knitters as I have been hard at work relearning myself the craft. And I am happy to say after several trips to the Hospital for treatments for head injuries, from beating my head against the wall trying figure this thing out , I have finally become comfortable with knitting continental style can't bring myself to throw. Plus I don't have the insurance to pay for anymore hospital visits. Just kidding bout that last part. But it has been a real challenge for me I still have a little trouble with YO's and K2tog's they're a little tight but I am in gauge with the pattern so that's a plus. I am now looking for a simple girls sweater pattern. Something that is size 4-6 young girls size. My niece is into pink. Anyone have a suggestion where to download one.
Thanks again for all the help .

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Hello Gary and Welcome to MWK. I have not done much crocheting (my passion is knitting) but I should you will learn much from your fellow crocheters. This is a wonderful site for us guys who love needlework and hope you will learn much and do show pictures of your projects.