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Bonjour and Hi to all,
I'm an american living the past four years in Paris and now in the process of relocating to London. I've been knitting since I was a child thanks to Mrs. Eldridge and a pair of her hand me down needles. First project I ever made was blankets for my guinea pigs. Deja vous... Still so vivid in my mind yet way to many years ago. In my teens, I learned to crochet simple blocks to help Mrs. Hope and her constant charity events. Can't tell you how many stacks to blocks I crocheted. I'm so grateful to these women for their patience and generosity and that they recognized my need to create.
Today, what I could stand some input on is how you guys find patterns for men. I seem to be forced to buy either the book or magazine just to get one or two patterns. Also, Im looking for patterns that don't look like my grandfather's which seems to be the prevailing choice from some knitting shops. I do have Barbara Walker's books, "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns", along with her second edition which I use sometimes when I'm feeling confident and determined. I know there must be some great patterns out there and I would hate to think that I'm just not looking in the right place.
If anyone out there lives in the UK and knows of a great knitting group or shop in Central London I would appreciate hearing from you. I'll be in London on Sept. 2nd and 3rd searching for a place and that would clearly make a difference.
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Try these shops in central London:
Liberty in Regent Street
John Lewis store in Oxford Street
Peter Jones store in Sloane Square
All the fun of the fair - Unit 2, 8 Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street
I Knit London, 106 Lower Marsh, Waterloo (very close to the railway terminus)
There is also a great shop called 'Loop' at 15 Camden Passage, Islington. If you Google them up they give transit details to the store.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your visit.

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there are some books devoted to men's patterns. jane ellison has one, queenland's collection, and there is "son of stitch and bitch" and a few others you can find online

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Welcome! I also found that using websites like Ravelry is great for finding patterns for men that are a bit more modern. Hope it helps =)

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
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*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Try also The Knitting (Man)ual by Kristin Spurkland.

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Ah yes, Knitmaniac has listed them all. I love the little iknit store - small friendly, alcohol-selling and stocking wool you don't find anywhere else. I've also bought yarn from a website, blackerdesigns - and the wool is marvellous.

At the moment, I'm enjoting knitting from Classis Knits for Men by martin Storey and Wendy Baker. And 'Men's Knits -a new direction' by Erika Knight is pretty good. I also enjoy the Rowan Magazine which come out twice a year and always have quite a few men's patterns.

Give me a shout when you're in London

All best wishes


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Thanks everyone for your great suggestions and your warm welcome. If anyone knows of a guys group in Central London can you let me know? I'm hoping there is something in the Marleybone or South Kensington area since those seem to be our preferred areas. I need my regular fix, ( which I'm sure I m not alone in), so I'm shooting for an easy commute or something in the hood. Wish me luck.