Finally Back!

It's been almost 3 months since I've been here, but after getting acclimated with school and returning back to California from my Drum Corps. tour I finally have some time to knit again! Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of time on the buses (or space) to be able to make anything more than a little scarf. It was a great summer though, minus the lack of fiber art, I got to see a lot of middle-America and perform for thousands of people almost every day with great music (Slaughter On 10th Avenue and Rhapsody In Blue). However, I have free-time, and personal space, at last and I've been knitting with a vengeance, haha! I've finished a couple hats for my friends, and I'm starting to work on a cardigan for my boyfriend's birthday. Also, I'm in need of some interesting sweater patters that would look good on younger guys, since they seem to be few and far between. It's great to be back though!


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you marched madison? great show. saw you in allentown and at the movies,

i was movement instructor and design team for velvet knights 07, 08, 09

i picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue

we put birds on things

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Hey Kevin,
glad to see you back. You might want to check out Josh Bennet's patterns here:

They're not free, but for a few bucks you'd get something specifically designed for younger guys.

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lanagrossa has some great men's sweater patterns in their annual editions. I'm currently knitting "Set Course for the Shetlands" from Edition 5. Its a bulky cable sweater, and is turning out to be a very quick knit. Of course, living in Arizona, I'll have about 2 days this winter where such clothing is appropriate, but it is great fun working with bulky yarns!

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I like the hats. If you want to see some interesting designs for men's sweater go to:
They have some reaslly beatiful designs for younger men. Glad your back and hope you keep posting.