Working a lace pattern...

New here, probably not as experienced a knitter as the other members but I make due. I'm working on lace shawl for my mother and I picked pattern that seemed relatively easy however the shawl is made with three different colors worked in stripes but the stripes are wavy. The waves are made by working the the stitches, then turning the piece around and re-knitting the previous ones.

Its taking me forever to make this shawl because of all the turning involved an re positioning the needles and yarn. Has anyone worked this type of pattern before, would anyone be able to share some tips?


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Hello fellow Montrealer.

Have you thought of knitting backwards for the one stitch? It is easier than you think and at least you won't be always flipping your work.

The easiest way to learn is to watch what you are doing in a mirror for the opposite stitch that you want.

(for example if the pattern turns around and ways purl on the wrong side watch how you knit in the mirror)....this sounds more complicated than it is.

And if you look on the net I am sure there is someone who has posted a demo.
Good luck.

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thanks, I'll give that a try, should save me a lot of time.

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Welcome David! Glad to have you aboard. I second Rick's suggestion of learning to knit backwards. I just finished an entrelac cowl pattern and the technique saved me lots of time and expletives. There are several great videos on YouTube. One tip I could share is when knitting backwards wrap the yarn clockwise after inserting your left needle into the stitch. It will make it necessary to knit in the back loop when you do your usual right-sided knit return, but the backward knit stitch is so much easier to make that way!

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thanks for the tip Millard.

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100 percent positive that learning to "knit backward" will make this incredibly easier....

it would also allow you to do the purl rows without flipping the work...

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