Ultimate Nerd-gasm.

I'm a little nerdy or geek-ish. I love me some old-school N64 games, especially Legend of Zelda. So naturally I love to surf around the recesses of the internet to try and find patterns to knit up with video-game themes. I've come across some great Mario, Megaman, and Pokemon patterns, even some great Zelda ones, but not enough to feed my inner desire for complete geek-dom. Out of all of the Zelda games, Ocarina of Time has to be my all-time favorite. And the point of the game is to travel through dungeons and fight monsters and complete puzzles to get special items to move further throughout the game. In the beginning, those special items are Spiritual Stones, and my favorite of those is the Kokiri Emerald. I just think that the way it was designed made it look very pretty and alluring. So out of boredom and necessity, I have personally designed a color chart for the Kokiri Emerald so I can finally make something with it on it. Of course, if any of you guys are Zelda-nerds too, you can totally use the chart as well. :)

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Ya know what? I think we need more geeks and nerds anyway, lol! I'm kinda geeky myself, started playing "The Sims" way back when it first came out, amongst many other PC games along the way. I'm still known to knit while travelling to my next destination in Warcraft!
Nice chart you made btw. Be sure to check out some the video game groups in Ravelry. There's some pretty retro stuff in there, as well as current.

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for true geekiness you need to go back to pong.

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Right? Atari RULES!

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I'm so old that I remember when geeks had slide rulers and nerds were people who understood the Dewey Decimal system, and both wore pen protectors in their shirt pockets! Thanks for the chart, but for me, Zelda will always be the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife and not a video game. (And there would not be a Dewey number for his works, they were all listed under f, for fiction, and F for Fitzgerald), lol

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borderline here - but I only know Zelda from the game because of the next generation....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Unfortunately, the XBox and knitting seem to compete for attention...