Knitting Podcasts suggestions?

Okay, so I finally got an iPod. No more Walkman... ;-) Actually, I haven't had a Walkman in ages either. I haven't listened to portable music in ages. But I've started running again since I can't always find a pool to swim in when I'm away from regular routine. So my question is - I know there are knitting podcasts - any suggestions?


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Don't feel bad Frank, I just got an iphone this year and have never owned an ipod. They aren't producing active podcasts anymore, but if you've never listened to "Y Knit" they still have the ones they have done on Itunes. WonderMike broke off to develop "Fiber Beat" where he records vidcasts and podcasts that are very good. I also like "Knit Happens" and "Yarn Craft" from Lion Brand.

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In addition to the ones that Mill has provided there is another that is done by a brother and sister called The Knitting Show - found at that may be of interest.

Being iPodless my listening to the episodes is via the computer.

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You should listen to Fiber Beat, at from Wonder Mike

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What they said. Some of them refer to others, as well, so it's just another black hole, perhaps. For instance, The Knitting Show introduced me to Knit A Journey Podcast, which includes a number of podcaster interviews.

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Sticks and String is pretty good as well. It comes to us from the Land Down Under. I have enjoyed several of these and have found suggestions for technique books and authors to check out.