Three-color Pattern Samples

Well, WEBS was having their summer yarn sale, and I saw this Asland Trends yarn, 50% Angora, and picked 3 colors that I liked out of the limited sale selection. I have in mind to do a very soft men's cardigan, and I've been sampling 3-color patterns from "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns". Can you help me out and give me some feedback on them?

Here's the yarn and the two sample swatches:

Asland Trends yarn, 50% angora

The first swatch is "Triple L Tweed" stitch, and I think I like this best, but I'm worried (with the olive green and scarlet) that it reads a little too "Christmas" ... not that that's a bad thing, just that it might limit when you could wear it. What if the body of the cardigan was done like this, but the sleeves were done just in the walnut shade yarn with a cable pattern on them?

Triple L Tweed

Here's a 3-color rib "cable", and I can't decide if I like it or not. I keep thinking it might make a nice bottom to a sweater for the ribbings, but what would the top be? .... It might go with the Motley Check pattern (see below).

Three-Color Cable Rib

Here's the "Motley Check" ... as I was knitting it, I didn't think I liked it, but when I step back and look at it from further away, I like it better. Would it go with the 3-color rib? I'm not sure. You can also see the "Tri-color Waves Stripes" pattern at the top. I like it, but maybe the scarlet is really going to stand out in a striped pattern... but maybe that's ok?


Here's a "3-color Basket Tweed" pattern. It seems a little busy and regimented to me. I think I like this least of the patterns. Under it, you can see Tri-Color Fabric Stitch, but I thought this became too pixelated, and the red takes over too much.

Three-Color Basket Tweed

For being 50% angora, this yarn is remarkably non-fuzzy, which I like... I imagine it will develop a bit of a halo anyways, but I wanted to see if I could have something out of angora that still read more masculine.

I'm eager for you feedback and ideas.... are these yarn colors right together for a 3-color pattern, or is it going to be impossible to tame that intense scarlet?


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Not crazy about the cable but the Motley Check Patterns looks great, I find it has more of a refined and sophisticated look to it. Just my personal opinion.

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Thank you! I thought the Motley Check did a better job of integrating the colors than many of the others, and I thought it looked more random (or maybe "organic") than some of them that look much more repetitive. For the cable pattern, I can't decide if I hate it or love it - but it does give a reaction.

I like the first one best, and the red and green do not look 'Christmassy' red and green. I don't like the cable one either.

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And, that was the one I knitted first! I like it too... I bought enough yarn that I might be able to do two sweaters, and right now I'm leaning towards this pattern for one of them.

Also if you or anyone else has a suggestion for other 3-color patterns you think would look good with these colors, I would love to hear.

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I really like the Motley Check and Tri-color Wave patterns. I think either would work very well for a vest or sweater. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think those two patterns have a much more modern feel than the tweed pattern. The Motley Check has a funkiness to it that I think I like... Thank you for your feedback!

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I echo Joe's sentiments! I love the color combinations. The red is reading orange on my MacBook, but I would love either. The yarn looks like it would be yummy to knit with. Your swatches look great!

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The scarlet reads on the orange-y side on my computer, so it looks closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas in my mind's eye. I think the rib cable is too busy with the three colors, but it might be fine in one color.

I like the Tri-Color Waves Stripes, but I can't imagine having a whole sweater in this. My head is spinning. ...Unless you did only one stripe in red among all the other stripes in the olive and walnut... that would allow the red to be the bold accent that it wants, without swallowing up the whole sweater. Just thinking out loud, but I would try that idea out on different stitch patterns in my mind. I like the idea of using the 3 colors in a specific area, and doing the rest of the sweater in the more neutral color(s).

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Thank you for all these ideas, Will! I agree that I'm fighting busy-ness with the 3-color patterns, and I like your idea of using the scarlet as an accent color, and I'm giving that a lot of thought. Maybe I'll try to do some sketching to see what that could look like.

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I'm really digging the tri-color wave, and the tri-color cable patterns. I'm thinking a Raglan sleeved cardigan with either of these 2 for the body and solid olive sleeves would look AMAZING.

I'm a little wary about having any of these as an all-over pattern, though... it might be a tad too busy.

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The tri-color cable pattern does seem to cause a reaction - I think i'm going to experiment with it some more. Originally I was thinking drop sleeves, but now you've got be thinking about raglan too! Raglan might be really interesting with the tri-color wave pattern. Thank you for the ideas!!

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I definitely like the Motley Check pattern and the Triple L Tweed. The 3-color Basket Tweed seems to be too much like a 1970s couch or something. Amazing work though - brave to work with three colors! Best of luck!