MFKR 2010 Indigo Dyeing and More

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The MFKR 2010 was a success thanks to all that worked hard . It is amazing people like Wonder Mike and Daniel , Joe, Ed and all the guys involved make the Retreats worth the time. Small and big companies helping spread the word that men knit and are buying yarn. Here is a link to the Indigo Dyeing Classes at Earth Hues that the MFKR 2010 took, we missed some of you terribly, I did and we hope you can join us some time in the future. I have a Flickr Album all dedicated to this retreat, go and have fun with us.Thanks for stopping by!

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Andy, great set of photos, looks like a wonderful experience. Makes me very envious.

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Great set of photos, Andy. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My yarn dried out VERY quickly once I got back to Denver!! I still haven't even attempted to untangle it though. Hmmm... where to begin?


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mine dried very fast in the computer room here in my house. I has a very nice drape, I used the skein as a scarf when I went to my show and tell Monday, no knitting needed lol!

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I didn't realize that was indigo dyed...must not have been dipped very many times..or it wasn't blue indigo...what was it?

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Oh it was very blue, but I only wanted to overdye mine lightly and as such I only did the light version of Indigo, others had deeper colors and did more dipping. My skein was tones of yellow and orange so the indigo made a very interesting overdye.