Might move to Utah need advice

I have a possible job opportunity at Dixie College in St. George Utah. I know nothing about Utah or St. George. Can someone please help me. I really need to talk to someone who is familiar with the area.



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You really need to go there and check it out. St. George is not the kind of place you can go sight-unseen, no matter how many people you talk to. It's beautiful country, the gateway to Zion and Bryce Canyon. It's also deep in LDS fundamentalist country, and that can be hard or scary if you're not living the kind of life the LDS like. The renegade branch of Mormons that was in the news for polygamy and so on is headquartered near there. It's not for everybody, but the folks who live there love it.

Thanks very much for your response. I don't exactly live a traditional lifestyle, and would take my partner with me. Are you hinting that might cause problems?

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Utah in general is a reality check.

Alcohol for home use can only be purchased in state run liquor stores. Bars that serve alcohol require "memberships" in order to patronize them. Being a tourist makes it difficult sometimes to go out and have a drink, unless you buy "guest memberships" in each place you plan to visit. Some bars are only allowed to serve beer, while others serve beer and liquor.

I am not a bar person (although I was when I was younger), but I have found that the more rules there are in a state of residence, the less likely I am to enjoy living there. I have traveled extensively through Utah when I was a performer and dreaded every minute of it.

And we can't forget that the LDS organization in Utah funded Prop 8 in California. It's probably best to recognize a bad situation and avoid it, but in this economy, if you need the job, sometimes we all have to do things we don't want to do. It's a far from ideal environment for a gay couple, but then again, I don't know what it's like where you are living presently.

I wish you good judgment in making a decision. It's not an easy one.