Hmmmm, a new niche?

So since I started spinning lace yarn it was only right that I wanted to knit something with it. So now I am currrently working on a lace scarf for my grandmother for her 82nd birthday coming up. Ive decided that next to felting, I really do love lace knitting, its quick and not as hard as it looks, I think the hardest thing Ive encountered was remembering which row in the pattern repeat I was doing. So now I am downloading all kinds of lace patterns on Ravelry, mostly shawls (not for me but just for the simple satisfaction of knowing I can do a lace shawl or wrap). Anyone have any suggestions for a beginning lace knitter? Special techniques or anything you might want to pass on? Im new to this whole thing and I am starting my first shawl (the "Taj-Mahal" on Ravelry) here pretty soon.


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A) don't forget you can use thicker yarns and make afghans as well as the shawls in thinner yarn.

B) Remember if you tell anyone that lace is a lot easier then it looks the Knitting Police (Lace Division) will hunt you down to silence you.

c) Not my fault!

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Hi Mitch,

I know what you mean, I also thought lace knitting would be the hardest thing to do and its surprisingly easy. I've got a few lace shawl patterns that I've made and one that I'm currently making. I've also got a pattern for lace type Christmas stockings to hang on the fireplace mantel. I can forward you the patterns if you like.


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Two words: safety lines!
Two more words: row counters!

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What he said! Have lots of fun. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Try MMario's Queen Anne's Lace!


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Try a Pi-type shawl. The Pi formula has the increases built into it so you're not increasing with (usually) every two rounds (when working in the round.) Mario has some great patterns ... you really need to look no further!

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I second all of what has already been said. Taj-Mahal is on my Faves list on Ravelry.