South Eastern Men's Knitting Retreat

Someone in the past posted about having a Men's Knitting retreat in the south. I sort of dismissed the idea until I just returned from the North West Retreat this week. I am ready to go to another one of these retreats. It was a delight to be with other men who knit and able to discuss all the projects, stitches, and other things that go along with knitting. I have made new friends and feel a new kinship I haven't felt in a while. Whoever it was that posted wanting this to happen in the South (east) please contact me so that we can try to make this happen for the guys who knit in the Southeast. Curious about what goes on at one of these retreats? Check out my blog at


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I don't remember who was asking either, but I'm certainly interested!

I think it was someone called 'j edwards' but I haven't seen him mpost on here in a while.

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I contacted him by email and he responded. Now to find a venue.