I Have just looked at alice starmores Aran book on amazon. Does anyone know it, and more importantly, does it contain a fair amount of mens sweaters? If not, does any one know of any good Aran titles with knitting for men? Thanks!


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If you go to Ravelry you can do a search for this book and see the 15 patterns that are in the book.

Another idea is to check and see if your local library can get a copy for you, then you can decide if you would like to purchase it.


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Have ordered it, but is hasn't arrived yet - I'll post a new comment once I've got it!

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Thanks for the reply to my aran question, would love some feedback when you get it, that would be brilliant, hope you are having a great Sunday, Nicolai

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Hej Nikolai!

I'm very happy with my purchase! There are ten adult sweater designs in it (plus some other garments, 15 designs in all). I would say two or maybe three of those sweaters are for women and the rest of them are unisex, some with modications. I'm definitely going to knit some of the sweaters!

There are many things I like about the book: the variety of patterns and garments, chapters about different aspects of the history of Aran knitting with photos of sweaters in museums etc, a section about different kinds of pattern elements and how to knit them and a chapter about how to design one's own Aran sweater. Also, I really like her combination of traditional elements and personal touches. Some of the designs are Celtic-inspired, for example. The garments look timeless to me, which is something I find attractive - a book I could use now or in ten or twenty years time.

Anything I don't like about the book? No. I only got it yesterday, though, so I haven't studied it in detail. I guess there could have been more photos of some of the garments - personally, I like being able to see many details - but there are enough. More designs would have been nice, of course, but then I easily prefer quality to quantity.

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I have Starmore's book on Sweaters for Men and it's very good. Don't have the Aran one.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

You can read comments on Amazon.

Based on the comments I'd look for the original edition of this book (published 1997)

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I LOVE this book and like all Starmore titles, I would recommend it highly. ALL of the patterns are spectacular, and even the sweaters for women can be made for a man.

The thing I respect and admire most about Alice Starmore's books is their incredible detail, accuracy and historical elements. As far as pattern writing, no one holds a candle to Alice Starmore for simplicity and complexity made understandable and quite doable for all.

This is a must-have on the shelf of all knitters, IMHO.